Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lunch @ MEDZ (Mediterranean Food) in Orchard Central

After the McRitchie trail walk, we took bus 167 to Orchard Area and walk to Orchard Central to try out this place. MEDZ (Mediterranena Food). We past by the place a week before but was not able to have lunch there and decided to drop by the place this week. The place is quite interesting and well-decorated. The restaurant concept is just like Mache, where we were given a card for each person for our food ordering purpose. We picked a seat with nice Turkish light, big table and nice cushion seats. Ordered rosti with sour cream and Seafood Paella. Total bill about SGD25 dollars but with POSB Go card/Everyday card or DBS credit card, there will be 10% discount on total bill. 
Overall the food is quite nice but if compare with Mache, I still prefer the rosti from Mache as its not oily and not too thick. (MEDZ sell the rosti in cheaper price, only SGD5.90 for plain rosti with sour cream).  How about the paella? 1 prawn, few slices of fish (watch out the fish bones), few pieces of clam. I dont really like the paella as the rice is too soft. We were thinking to have desert here but ended up we decided to walk to 313 and have the mango pamelo desert from Honeymoon desert house (4th floor) to ensure the satisfactions. :D
Well, I still prefer going to Mache as they have more variety and choices but still this place is worth to try. 
MEDZ @Orchard CentralMEDZ @Orchard Central

Rosti from MEDZ @Orchard CentralSpain -Seafood Paella from MEDZ @Orchard Central


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