Saturday, August 18, 2012

My First Outdoor watch - Suunto Quest

Here is my first outdoor watch suuntoQuest Running Pack(come with mini foot pod and Heart Rate Belt). Bought it last week from Runnings Lab at Novena. (Citibank card entitle to 10% discount)  Thanks to my friend who registered for the NorthFace 100 and that make her entitle for 20% discount and she is willing to share the 20% with me.
At first I was planning to buy polar either FT60 or RS300X. But once I saw the shoe pod and the GPS device, I asked the sales girl is there any other choice. The foot pod is quite big and that scared me off. My friend recommended me to get the suunto watch which is quite reliable and the sales girl introduce us this Suunto Quest. She is having the same watch as well and is so generous to lent me her watch to try on my wrist. After compare the shoe pod (which is ~4x smaller) I decided to get this stylist big watch (the watch size slightly bigger than polar but both the watch is very light).
I am still trying to get use to the watch and learn the functions in. Read about how I calibrate my foot pod here.
Have no issue get connected with my foot pod for the first time but having issues with my HeartRate belt until I google and realized there is a missing steps. Here is the video that may help. Its really simple and easy to use. 

Ads: Where to get SuuntoQuest?
Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor
Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor
Rely on the Suunto Quest heart rate monitor to help you train, whether you have your sights set on a big race or you're working hard to stay fit. Paired with the included comfort heart rate sensor strap, the Quest provides accurate real-time heart rate data as you work out, making your training as beneficial as possible. Coded ANT™ wireless transmission avoids interference with other heart rate monitors while you're at spin class or running on a treadmill. Heart rate zones help you easily monitor your heart rate while training; alarm indicates when you are outside a zone. Interval training lets you alternate periods of high exertion and recovery; you can also define a warm-up period before starting your intervals. Includes a stopwatch with laps. Review your workout in the watch logbook to see your average and peak heart rate, calories burned, lap times and time at, above and below heart rate limits. You can also view a summary of your training session data for the current week, previous week, current month and the previous 5 months. Included USB stick lets you transfer training data to your computer; upload the data to where you can analyze your workouts and connect with other Suunto users. Customize the display settings of the watch via Suunto Quest heart rate monitor is water resistant to 30m (98 ft.). Standard watch features include time, dual time, alarm, date and backlight. Language can be set to English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish or Finnish. Optional Suunto GPS, foot pod and bike cadence accessories (not included) let you measure speed, distance and bike cadence.


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