Monday, August 6, 2012

Transportation DIY -Surabaya - Probolinggo - Cemoro Lawang - Mt Bromo (2 ways)

As mentioned in my previous post, we think that the transport package offered by the hotel and agent are too expensive for us as we are travelling budget this time. Below are some sharing on the cost.

From Surabaya to Mount Bromo, you have to go to Probolinggo, then from Probolinggo take the mini bus/bison to Cemoro Lawang. You can either take bus or train to Probolinggo from Surabaya. Based on our previous research, the train from Surabaya to Probolinggo only have two timing - 9 am estimate to reach Probolinggo on 11.09am OR 21:30 and estimate reach time 23:21 and the ticket are in range of RP32,000 to RP55,000. For bus, you can either take air-con or non-aircon bus from Bungurasih Bus Terminal.

*if you able to get someone to share the mini bus/bison from Probolinggo way up to Cemoro Lawang, you would be able to save even more.

From Surabaya to Cemoro Lawang

Rp (,000)
cab from airport to terminal
bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo
mini bus/bison from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang (we paid for immediate departure)
Hotel (1 standard room at Cemara Indah during peak season)
jeep to mt bromo (share)
Total (for 2 pax)

From Cemoro Lawang to Surabaya

Rp (,000)
mini bus
bus from probo to surabaya
city bus to Gubeng stations
Total (for 2 pax)

Total transport + hotel for 2 person =RP1,178k.
Total for 1 person = RP589k
Total spending per person = ~SGD79.06

Quote by the hotel:
1) Hotel = RP450k
2) Two way transport from Surabaya <=> Cemoro Lawang = RP1,200k
3) Jeep (Sharing ) = RP250k
Total quoted by the hotel : RP1,900k  (for 2 pax)
For 1 pax = RP950k (~SGD 127)

Quote from a local travel Agent:
1) Two way Transport + Hotel (cemara Indah) + Jeep (sharing) = RP2,200k (for two pax)
For one pax = RP1,100k (SGD 147.70)

**Exchanged rate for us 7,450 from SGD to RP

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  1. Hi, I found this blog while searching for transport from surabaya to cemoro lawang

    Thanks for the info, because travel agent quote me IDR 90k/person and i thinks it is way too expensive.

    can I know how much it takes time if I use your method?


    1. hi, thanks for visiting the blog. For your request,
      you can get the info from my post on Day 1 trip .

      We reached on 14.55IDT. from surabaya took bus to probolinggo is about 2hrs for the journey.
      from probolinggo up to cemoro lawang, I cant remember how much time needed(the day was dark). but estimate is about 40mins - 1 hr, i think.

      will be good if you can reach probolinggo earlier, at least can share the mini bus(bison).

      Hope this is helpful. :D
      Happy travelling.


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