Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trip to Indonesia: Day 1 - Singapore to Mount Bromo

I just came back from a trip to Indonesia with my friend, wantet. The trip was awesome. Based on our planned, we should dropped to Surabaya, then travel down to Mt Bromo for the sun rise view. After that, we will be travelling down to Yogyakarta and will fly back from there. This is my first time travel down to somewhere without prebook everything. As I am a package person (book all the package before go to a place to ensure everything well prepared before I went down) and I am so not use to backpack travelling. But this trip, both my friend and I agreed to go for a backpack. I have to thanks my friend wantet to be so patient with me and calmed me when I behaved panicking asking about the transportation arrangement for the trip. As she told me, 
"getting lost is part of travelling"
After some survey, we decided not to get the transportation offered by the hotel (RP1,200k/2 ways from Surabaya to Cemara Indah Hotel in Cemoro Lawang, not including hotel (RP450k) and jeep to Mt Bromo ) or from agent (RP 2,200k from Surabaya to Cemara Indah hotel include share jeep to mt Bromo the next morning) as we really think the package  exceeded our budget. So we decided to have our DIY transportation. (Surabaya - Probolinggo - Cemoro Lawang).

Day 1: Travel down to Mount Bromo.
We took the flight from Singapore to Surabaya (the nearest city to Mt Bromo) on 13:35SGT and estimated will be reaching Surabaya, Indonesia at 14:55IDT and we purchased a baggage checkin of 15kg. Total flight cost = SGD100 + tax SGD 28 + baggage SGD 15 = SGD143 per pax.
Our flight reached about 10 mins earlier that day. Without wasting any of our time, we collected our baggage and heads out from Juanda International airport to the bus terminal (Bungurasih Terminal). We took the taxi services which cost us RP60k for two person.  (Transportation down one way was quoted RP700k).
The driver dropped us not in the bus terminal but some where outside telling us there will be people grabbing us around in the station and he advised us to just wait beside the road and he will help to stop the bus for us. But this make us worried as we were travelled there just two of us (both girls).  After about 5-10 mins wait, there was a bus stopped by, we asked about Probolinggo. The conductor said yes and wantet asked me to ask how much, its only RP20k and while I was still hesitating, wantet asked me to aboard the bus as we should be rushing as we still need to take the mini van from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang. After got up the bus, we realized that this is a non-aircorn bus and the bus ticket, is our first map in hand in Indonesia. On the way to Probolinggo, we kept our eyes on the address from the shop pass by to ensure we went to the right directions. Maybe due to Ramadan, the conductor gave us free drink (cup of mineral water). Along the journey, there will be locals who will hop on the bus, selling drinks/snacks or singing. After 2 hours, the bus reached Probolinggo bus terminal and we asked around to get to the mini bus area (just need to walk out from the station and turn left, you will see a row of shops on your right, walk along the shops and you will be able to see some mini van). Indonesia time is 1 hour behind Singapore time, by the time we reached Probolinggo, it is about 6 plus and it was dark. We asked about where we can buy the local sim card (phone card) so that we can make a call to the hotel asking them to reserve the room for us as we will be late while we are waiting for other passengers. (the mini bus/bison will only go when there is 10 person/RP25k each or you paid RP250k to have immediate departure). The driver of the mini bus is so kind and drove me to the mini shop near by with a bike to purchase for the local phone card (RP5,000). After about 30 mins, there were still no other passengers (maybe due to the day is late), we decided to pay RP250k to have immediate departure so that we can rest earlier as we still need to wake up 3am IDT for the Sun Rise at mt Bromo. We reached the hotel Cemara Indah and checked in the standard room (RP450k) around 8.30pm IDT, after took a quick shower, we dozed off immediately after setting the alarm at 3am. (as what mentioned by others who visited the place, we stayed there just for the mt bromo view, the hotel room definitely not worth the value (serving cold breakfast/room with no heater/hot water is not consistent either too hot or too cold) except for the view. (there are three places with great view Cemara Indah Hotel, Lava View and Bromo Permai, all this 3 places just near the entrance gate to Mt.Bromo).
Forgot to mentioned, now is peak season, hence we get to book the shared jeep trip to mt Bromo which cost us RP125 per person.

From Surabaya to Cemoro Lawang

Rp (,000)
cab from airport to terminal
bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo
mini bus/bison from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang (we paid for immediate departure)
Hotel (1 standard room at Cemara Indah during peak season)
jeep to mt bromo (share)
Total (for 2 pax)

Bus Ticket from Surabaya to ProbolinggoSitting on a bamboo waiting area at Probolinggo

Stalls near mini bus waiting area at ProbolinggoMini Van from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang


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