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Trip to Indonesia: Day 2 - Mt Bromo and From Surabaya to Yogyakarta

Day 2 - Mt Bromo

1) The Jeep
Woke up 3am IDT, we could not sleep well as it was too cold (even I was with my thermal wear and under the two layer thick blankets). Still, I took a quick shower(as my habits, the hotel heater was not consistent, the water was too hot and sometime too cold). After the shower, wantet and I went out to the hotel lobby area where we waited for others since we purchased for jeep sharing and we were assigned to share with a korean family (4 of them). The driver took us to the Penanjakan 1 (first view point as this is a better view point and higher), on the way there, we passed by Bromo Permai Hotel and Mount Bromo. The sky was so beautiful (full of stars). The driver kept on pressing the horn (I think that maybe due to the local believe as driving there is not easy and quite dangerous). We saw quite number of jeeps along the way, some even broke down and all the passengers had to get down (I just crossed my fingers and prayed that would not happen to us).  
By the time we reached the view point, the area was full of tourist like us. We had been told to get back to the jeep by 6am so that we can proceed to Mt.Bromo Crater. Along the walkway from the parking area to the view point open area, there were some stalls selling hot drinks and jackets renting. I was thinking to hang around there as it was really cold but my friend, wantet told me we better get to the view point in order to get a better place. Luckily wantet got her pen light with her as the walkway up to the place is really dark. I was shocked to see the place already full of people by the time we get there and we were not able to get ourselves squeezed in the middle (the best spot). After got the place (at the side), now what we have to do is only two things, 1) wait the sun rise. (2) stand the cold from the wind.  We were accompany by not just the other tourists but also the sky which full of stars and the sunrise was awesome. (I was not able to snap any photo as I  was freezing and not willing to take out my hands from my jeans pocket). After seeing the sunrise, I felt that all the hassle are worth the value. The Mt Bromo Sunrise view worth more than what I paid for either physically strength or money.
After the sun rise, the driver drove us to the side of the Mt Bromo. Where we need to walk for 2km before taking ~247 stairsteps to the crater. There are some horse services provided. But since we are budget traveller, we decided to walk. The place are cover by soft sand and horse poo (no kidding, we got to watch out the poo when we walk). The dust are flying all over and luckily we did prepared for that and covered ourselves with pashmina and although it just a 2km walk but the dust and the sand slow us down especially we were walking up hill. We took short break once a while (as when the horse passed by, the dust wills tart to fly all over the place) and finally we reached the staircase. When we got nearer to the crater, you hardly can see the steps as the stair case was covered by the soft sand but with the staircase handles, you still able to push your self up. We managed to snap a few photos with Mount Batok as background (personally I prefer mt Batok as it looks prettier and not dusty). We had been given an hour for the climb and even we kept stopping a long the way up and down, we took less than 45 mins. 
After got back to the hotel and had our COLD breakfast and a quick shower (as we really cannot stand the dust), we heading out from Cemoro Lawang back to Surabaya to continue our journey to Yogyakarta.

Mt Bromo and Mt Batok, Bukit Bromo dan Bukit Batok, IndonesiaMt Bromo Crater, Lubang Bukit Bromo
locals selling flowersstanding on Mt Bromo with Mt Batok as background

way down to bromo, turun dari bukit bromoour hotel room, karma di cemara Indah

2) Down to Probolinggo
While we were packing and preparing to check out. There were a guy knocked on the door asking do we want to join the shuttle bus services from the hotel to Probolinggo with RP35k per person (extra RP10k to save the waiting time). We paid RP70k for two person and joined the mini van which locate just in front of the hotel lobby. The mini van departed right after we got in and stopped by Yoshi Hotel to pick up some passengers before all the way down to Probolinggo. Although its already passed 10 am IDT but the air was still fresh and cosy and we were able to see the view as last night went we get up the hill, it was dark and we could not see anything except the sky which full of stars. Other passengers maybe head down to bali / Ijen and the driver dropped us at probolinggo bus terminal where we got into the air-corn bus (paying RP25k per person, yes only 25k which 5k different from non-aircorn bus). The bus conductor was so kind to help us placed our backpack in front (just behind the driver seat) so that we do not need to hug our backpack for 2 hrs bus journey. 
Along the way to Surabaya, it was heavy traffic where we passed by a furniture area (the area full of shops with bali style craving furniture). My friend and I both find Surabaya is dusty and again we get into bus terminal Bungurasih in Surabaya.

3) From Surabaya heads down to Yogyakarta
After we got in the bus terminal, there were an uncle (taxi driver approach us). We asked about Stesen Gudeng (train station) and the guy quoted us RP70k. Its consider too high for us and we rejected him, then he offered us another deal, how about using meters? and we said no as we were not familiar with the route and just worried that he will took the long route in order to get extra miles. During that time, the officer in the bus terminal approached us asking where we are heading to and told us we can take city bus from the other side. Thanks to the officer and this is really out of my expectations as the people here actually are quite friendly and helpful to guide us around. Even the bus conductor were so patient with us (as for local, there will be chase to move faster to get up and down the bus and they had to move to the front when they want to get down from the bus). 
The other side of the station showing City bus, from here you can get all the bus which run in the city. We got up to one of the bus and paying only RP4k per person for the fare from Bungurasih terminal to Station Gudeng.  We reached the station 2:45pm and direct bought the 3pm train ticket by paying RP135k (for executive) for each. (taking the bus from Surabaya to Yogyakarta definitely cheaper but it took ~8 hrs). Due to rushing, again, we were not able to had proper lunch. But during the train stopped in some of the station, we managed to buy a nasi (pack of rice RP3,000) with some vegetables, a small packet of curry, small pack of crackers and the rice was surprisingly delicious. (they do sell food in the train but both of us dont like the food hence we did not ordered anything from the train).
After reached Yogyagarta, I will post that later. Please stay tune.

Train ticket from Surabaya to Yogyakarta, tiket keratapi dari Surabaya ke Yogyakarta
From Cemoro Lawang to Surabaya

Rp (,000)
mini bus
bus from probo to surabaya
city bus to Gubeng stations
Train from Surabaya to Yogyakarta
Total (for 2 pax)

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  1. Thank you very much for the useful info. I made a trip to Bromo this year Apr, following your info and I had fun there.

    1. Hi,
      nice to year that the information is useful and you enjoying the trip.
      Thanks :D that really motivate me to post more (since I still have a list that I have yet to write it out in this blog).
      Happy travelling.


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