Friday, August 10, 2012

Trip to Indonesia: Day 3 - Walk around at Yogyakart- Malioboro Street

This is our first day in Yogyakarta. After breakfast from the hotel, we got our first colour printed map from the hotel staffs and we decided to walk back to the shopping mall (Malioboro Mall) and explore the place.
We dropped by to the Malioboro Street, where you can see a lots of becha and horse cart (Andong) to bring you around the place. You always can bargain the price. We walked straight up along Malioboro Street and that bring us back to the Tugu Train Station. As previous night we arrived there quite late, hence we decided to go there again and snapped a few photo of the station.  As usual, the station was full of becha and taxi drivers asking do you need any ride or tour package or not.
After snapped a few photo, we walked back to Malioboro Street where we found a lots of stalls and shops selling souvenirs . You always can bargain to get a good deal. We were trying to find the places where we can get the package and go to Borobudur and Prambanan. As we read from online, taking public transport to Borobudur required the change of bus 2-3 times. Wantet spot a street (from Malioboro Street) that a lots of tourist (whites) heading into. Both of us followed them and that brought us to Sosrowijayan Street (tourist street) and from there we found a lots of agency where we can book the transportation to the place we want. The price offer from the agency are almost the same, just pick one which you think is reasonable.  The package also provided hotel pickup around the centre area but due to we were staying way far off, we had to come to the agent shop on the next day. We booked for Prambanan and Borobudur Sunset package from Paradizzo including snacks and entrance fees. From the agency we found out that they also provide the package to Mount Bromo (transportation & hotel ) and bali. (Next time, maybe we will consider take up this all included package (quoted in the package leaflet, about RP500k travel from Yogyakarta=> Mt Bromo=>Yogyakarta. Just for the transportation, they offer to take bus with 11 hours ride.

Becha under sunset lightning
Tugu Train Station, YogyakartaTugu Train Station, Yogyakarta, the young lovely couples taking photo as well
Train go into Tugu Station, all of us have to stop and waitMalioboro Street, YogyakartaSosrowijayan Street, A tourist street


  1. Hi there, was researching on transport info for travel from Surabaya to Bromo and on to Yogya and found your very helpful website! Could I just check how much you needed to pay for the tour to Prambanan and Borobodur?


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for visiting this blog.
      About your enquiry about the tour to Prambanan & Borobodur, we took the package from Paradizzo. I searched back my notebook and realized that I did not wrote down the price and the receipt is not with me. If my memory did not failed me, I think we were paying ~100k-120k per person including the entrance ticket. if you travel in a group, you will have a better bargain power and if you book different trip from the same place, you also can ask for discount.
      Overall the price from all the agents there is quite standard. I will advise you to pick one that you feel is more comfortable and suit your time.
      Happy travelling!


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