Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trip to Indonesia: Day 4 - Bordobudur and Prambanan

Woke up early on day 4 and took becha all the way from our hotel to Sosrowijayan Street and waited outside the travel agency office. We reached there around 9am (an hour before our departure time), went in the stores beside to send our postcard (they provided services to post your postcard, its always nice to send your family or yourself a postcard from the place you travel as souvenir with the local stamps and chop). We just stood there and wait for the pickup. When the time get closer and the office still remain closed we got worried and called the office with the display number, the girl mentioned this office was not operate during morning (but its showing started from 8am from the office glass door) and the person who incharged to pick us up soon will be there. Sharp on 10am, a guy appeared and checked on our booking tickets and guided us to the car and introduce the driver to us then they hand over the snacks to us (a small bottle of mineral water and a chocolate bun). After a few pickup from some nearby hotel (a barefoot guy and a couples), we headed to Prambanan. Arrived there about 45mins journey and the driver hand over the entrance tickets to us. There were coffee serve in the ticketing office and thats really surprise me. (but I did not took the coffee as we were rushing for the shooting). We shoot some photos and the weather was really hot in the noon. 
Prambanan, YogyakartaTourist waiting for sunset, Borobudur Yogyakarta

After the Prambanan, the driver brought us back to Malioboro street to picked up some other tourist for the Borobudur Sunset package and after leaving Malioboro Street, I snoozed off (too tired under the hot sun). The journey to Borobudur took about ~2 hours. Then we had our bun in the car and the chocolate bun taste better than the one from Jetstar flight. 
We were required to put on the sarong when we entered the Borobudur place (well, actually we saw everyone walking to the sarong stall and put it on and we also follow). After a few shot on the temple, we just stood there and wait for the sunset. But one thing really disappointing us was we had been chased off from the temple on 5pm (the place should be open until 6pm). 5pm was when the sunset just about to start. All of us (tourist) was so disappointed.  I told wantet this maybe due to Ramadan month (fasting) thats why they had a early closure of the place. On our way back (in the car), we saw the nice sunset and we were so upset because we were not able to snap any of the Borobudur Sunset photos (with Mount Merapi and Buddha statue from the temples). 

Overview temples Prambanan YogyakartaCollapses pieces at Prambanan Yogyakarta
Curving at Prambanan YogyakartaCurving at Prambanan Yogyakarta
Walkway to the temple, Prambanan YogyakartaMe in sarong, walking to Borobudur
Borobudur, Yogyakarta
Borobudur, YogyakartaBuddha in the bell, Borobudur Yogyakarta

Prambanan Entrance TicketBorobudur Entrance Ticket


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