Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trip to Indonesia: Day 5 - Taman Sari and Relaxation at Yogyakarta and fly back to Singapore

I had spent most of my money and not much things todo on the last day in Yogyakarta as we will be taking early morning 7.30am flight back to Singapore. As usual, after our breakfast, we went out for Jalan-jalan. Decided to go Taman Sari (The Sultan Villa). We paid RP7,000 for entrance fee. Nothing much inside the Taman Sari as portion of the Kraton place now been occupied by the locals and local art stores (for batik and drawing). The place is full of local guide at the entrance who will just follow you around even you had told them you do not need any guide. We had to told the guide many times mentioning we do not need any guide. (as we really dont want to pay for the guide and mainly here for some nice photos and walk around). Only two things that caught my eyes in the Taman Sari. 
The first one is the swimming pool but too bad as there were having renovation during our visit and second is the Sultan Sauna Bed, where they will setup fire at the bottom of the bed and the smoke will heat up the bed in the room and that make it as the sauna room last time for the Sultan.
After that, we went back to Malioboro Street to have our lunch and dinner and after the dinner wantet treated me a free full body massage somewhere behind the Sosrowijayan Street. We spent only RP65,000 (~SGD8.7) for the 90mins massage in a private room. Cheap but remember do tell the person if it is too hard. 
The next morning, we booked a cab from the hotel to the airport. RP50,000 and besides that we paid for the airport tax RP100,000 per person in the Yogyakarta airport and flew back to Singapore. 
(airport tax, for international RP100,000 per person, domestic RP35,000 per person)
Taman Sari, YogyakartaTaman Sari, Yogyakarta
The wooden windows in Taman Sari, YogyakartaSwimming pool, Taman Sari Yogyakarta
Dragon in the stair case Taman Sari YogyakartaSultan sauna bed, Taman Sari Yogyakarta
Sultan sauna bed, Taman Sari Yogyakarta


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