Monday, August 13, 2012

Trip to Indonesia: Where we eat in Yogyakarta?

We mostly eat in a few places for dinner. Went to Malioboro Mall on the first day for KFC dinner (they served rice in KFC) and the KFC taste better than the one in Singapore.
We went down to Sosrowijayan Gang 1 and Gang 2 and visited a few places such as Superman Restaurant at Gang 1 and Bedhot Restaurant at Gang 2 and there were another place we visited but I forgot the name and from my phone, the photo I snapped was too blurry. I think thats due to I was too hungry during the dinner time and my hands keep shaking :D
Tea break at Jco in Malioboro Mall, YogyakartaSuperman Restaurant at Sosrowijayan Gang 1 Street YogyakartaInterior Superman Restaurant at Sosrowijayan Gang 1 Street Yogyakarta

Personally, I like Bedhot restaurant, and we visited there twice. (The place always get full in very early time, remember to either make a reservation or go there early or else you will need to wait for at least 10-30mins) and I like the upstairs seat (only 3 tables in the balcony as inside is the internet room) where you can see what is going on along the street.
We also visited Jco in Malioboro Street. Where we enjoy not only the nice donut but also the free wifi :D and the nice mocha shake I had.
Overall the food there are quite nice. Most of the restaurant had variety of food like western food, chinese food, local indonesia food and even pizza and fresh juice. I tried the local food like Nasi Jemur, Nasi Gudeng etc.

Bedhot Restaurant at Sosrowijayan Gang2, YogyakartaUpstairs seats Bedhot Restaurant at Sosrowijayan Gang2, Yogyakarta


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