Thursday, September 13, 2012

Melaka Trip - Weekend getaway from Singapore

Just went to Malacca (Melaka in malay), Malaysia for weekend getaway from Singapore.
The place is about 3 hours bus ride from Singapore.
I've been to Malacca many times, not to mention I had my 3.5 years life there in one of the college in Malacca. Yes, no kidding. Way back that time, Malacca is not yet voted as one of the Heritage place around the world and definitely no crowd. I was hanging at Ayer Keroh area that time.
I still remember when I was in high school, from the commercial ads from Malaysia TV, the nescafe TV ads with the flute sounds playing the nescafe theme songs as background music and there was a girl standing infront of the big nyonya house windows and open it up wide, breathing the fresh air. That was the first time I thought of staying at Malacca when I was young. But during my 3.5 years there, all I can remember is the heat and the muddy water from the pipe and I was staying far away from the area with those traditional nyonya house and because lack of exploring heart and money, I miss out the chance to explore the place more.
Now, after so many years working in Singapore, I use to drop by to Malacca as a weekend getaway. Today,  Malacca had really a great big changed and I love the place so much. I wish one day I will move back to this old place again. 

Here I enclosed some of the photos I took from red-house area. Enjoy !!!
Will post more about the trip soon. Stay tune !!


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