Saturday, October 27, 2012

Melaka Trip - Weekend getaway from Singapore - Transportation

I owe everyone of you a more detail on the Malacca Weekend getaway from Singapore about 1 month. So sorry as I was too busy and had no time to sort out all the photos I took from the trip. [Read more about the previous post.]
Finally, I had sometime to sort things out and started to write and share with you all about the trip. Transportations, food, hostel and etc. 
I will just share with you about taking the public transport below. 
You will not have any issues buying tickets from Singapore to Malacca as long as its not public holiday or school holiday. But still you can get the tickets from Golden Miles at Beach Road Singapore. Just go in any of the bus agency and get the tickets based on your preferred timing. But then, getting tickets form Singapore direct to Malacca will cost quite a fair bit compare with getting tickets from Larkin bus terminal, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  You can precheck the timing from some of the online bus tickets website [Delima Singapore]
For my friend and I, we usually will buy the tickets from Malacca back to Singapore earlier (the bus tickets will make available about 2 months in advance, if your friends visiting the place, you can ask favour from them to get you the tickets first, or you can get them online as well. [Delima Malaysia, BusOnlineTicket]). We usually will get the tickets from Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru. Its very simple. Just take bus 160(from Jurong East) ,170 (from Queenstreet terminal)/Kranji MRT , 950 (from Woodlands) or causeway link CW buses (from Jurong East/Boon Lay/Newton-newton foodcourt carpark), the bus will bring you until Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore. Get down from the bus, go for passport chop/scan then go down again and queue for the bus to cross the bridge. [Note: you can take any buses as all the bus going to the same directions, Johor custom Malaysia and everyone had to get down for custom clearance there]
After reached Johor custom, you have to go and queue for the bus sbst bus 170 to get to Larkin. If you are lucky enough, sometime, you can get some factory bus in blue calling for Larkin ride. We took that before  as 170 took too long to arrive and the queue is getting longer. We paid RM1 taking the non-aircon factory bus from Johore Custom to Larkin bus terminal. Its cheap and non-stop and took only 15mins with good traffic conditions.
Well, Larkin bus terminal is a crowded place. But do not worried as long as you keep your eyes on your belongings, the place is quite safe. Just walked the the stretch of counter near dunkin donuts. Those are the counter selling tickets to Malacca or Kuala Lumpur. Just get the tickets on the timing that more suitable to you. Normally we will just get those timing which is the earliest. Then we will just take away either McDonald, Dunkin Donuts or bread from the shops there and board the bus directly. 
We usually taking bus around 8.30 am ~9 am so that we are able to reach Malacca around lunch time 12pm-1.30pm. The bus journey from Johore to Malacca is about 3 - 4 hours based on the traffic conditions and the bus tickets is about RM19 with aircon.
After reaching the Malacca bus terminal (Malacca Central- Melaka Sentral in malay), just walk to local bus area and get in the townbus (green townbus without aircon with number 17) or any bus with sign 'Mahkota' (panorama bus with aircon), the bus definitely will past by the red house area where it just a stone throw to Jalan Hang Jebat or more famous with the name Jonker Walk.
To get around at Malacca, now there are some panorama aircon bus where you can purchase the daily travel tickets (about RM5 for adults and RM2.50 for children) where the bus will stop at selected tourist area and with the tickets purchase, you can just hop in at any of the stops and continue your journey. Its really convenient for tourist without own transport like me. Below is the panorama bus route map.
I will share with you more on the places and food in my next post. Happy travelling.
Malacca Panorama Bus Route Map

Bus Tickets from Larkin to Malacca

Friday, October 26, 2012

Where is the Old time Gerry's Grill

This is an update on the Gerry's Grill at Cuppage Road, Starhub Centre in Singapore.
We visited this place at least once or twice a month for either lunch or dinner and previously my review on this place was quite good. [Read Here] and indeed it was. But recently, both my friend and I found that the place services and food standard had no longer same as previously. Well, we are not surprise as when the business get better, its not easy to maintain the standard as previous. But this round, it is really really upset us.
First, lets talk about the services, seems like the waitress and waiters accidentally ignored some of the tables. All the tables even the table which just inches beside us, was well attended. We asked for vinegar, it never arrived, we asked for extra white rice, the rice arrived after we almost finished everything. We ordered the halo-halo and requested to served after the dinner as desert, but it was served as a appetizer timing. Ok, nevermind, we thought that maybe they were toobusy. But surprisingly, the tables just a few inch besides us was well attended. My friend even joked around saying we maybe should bleach ourselves as skin colors seems does matters. But I told my friend, no, its just purely because I never bring along my branded handbag and we both laugh along the way while raising up hands high and waiting people to serve us and seems we were not really been noticed. Well, my fault as maybe my hands are too short to be notice. 
For the bad services, I still can bear with it. But talked about food. We ordered the Shang Hai Spring rolls, well, its not properly cut as some were more than 5cm in length and some were less than 1cm. I told my friend, for chinese food, we talk about 'colors, smell, taste', the chef need to take care not only the taste and the smell but also the display and colors. Because with good display and food color, that will make people have better appetite to eat. But hey, we are not having chinese cuisine. ok, my fault again. I am picky. 
After long waited, finally our Grilled Squid was here. After the first bite, we looked to each other and we both agreed, its not properly cook. We told the waiter and they decided to changed for us. Another 10 mins, another one served, still, its not fully cooked and this was really not good. The inner part of the squid, you can still tasted its soft and still have the smells of raw squid. We were too hungry and forced ourselves to eat most of the squid. Hope we both will not have the upset tummy the next day. We finished 1/2 of the squid and I told my friends, no more sashimi, I cant take it without wasabi.
I do hope that Gerry's Grills will improve their services and the food standard. To be correct, not improve, but just back to the old time Gerry's Grills where the food at least properly cook. Its really waste of food and wasting is really bad. Please.. please, just make sure its cook. 
For sure I will think twice and find an alternative for our grill food craving place in future. But still I hope their food standard back to normal as I really like their old time grilled pusit.

Nice Stylist Pouches For Sales

More items coming up for sales here. Dont wait come and grab it.

✿Item 6: 
Brand: Paul & Joe
Price : SGD 18
Size: Length 7 inch, 
         Height: 5 inch
         Width: 5 inch
✿Item 7
Brand: La Mer Hard Cover Pouch
Price : SGD 22
Size: Length 8 inch, 
         Height: 6.5 inch
         Width: 2.5 inch
✿Item 8: Cyclinder Bag (wristlet)
Brand: Soap and Glory 
Price : SGD 20
Size: Diameter 7 inch, 
         Height: 8 inch

 ~ More Items Click Here ~ 

*Due to the computer processing of images and in spite of the care taken in producing this pages, the colors of Products shown on the website may be slightly different from their actual color. The particular technical specifications and settings of your computer and its display could affect the accuracy of its display of the colors of products offered on the site.
*Physical collections of products or with registered mail can be arrange. (only selected MRT stations for item collections and extra charges will imply for the registered mail)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nice Stylist Pouches For Sales

Hi, I am helping up my friend to clear up her drawer. Here are some of the new pouch from her for sales. All the items are new.
If you have any enquiry, feel free to drop us a message or leave a comments here. We will be get back to you asap.
Happy Shopping!! <3

Item 1: Polka Dot Poch
Price : SGD 9.90
Size: Length 7.5 inch, 
         Height: 4 inch
         Width: 2 inch

✿Item 2: 
Brand: La Prairie Switzerland
Price : SGD 15.90

Size: Length 8.5 inch, 
         Height: 4 inch
         Width: 1 inch

Item 3: Cherry Printed Pouch
Brand: L'Occitane
Price: SGD 7.90

Size: Length 8 inch, 
         Height: 6 inch

Item 4: Silver wallet
Brand: La Prairie Switzerland
Price: SGD 30

Size: Length 9 inch, 
         Height: 6 inch
         Width: 2 inch

 Item 5: Cosmetic Pouch
Brand: Shu Uemura
Price : SGD 18.90

Size: Diameteer 6.5 inch, 
         Height: 3 inch

♥ ~ More Items Click Here

*Due to the computer processing of images and in spite of the care taken in producing this pages, the colors of Products shown on the website may be slightly different from their actual color. The particular technical specifications and settings of your computer and its display could affect the accuracy of its display of the colors of products offered on the site.
*Physical collections of products or with registered mail can be arrange. (only selected MRT stations for item collections and extra charges will imply for the registered mail)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Coffee Time- cottage pies cafe at White Sand pasir ris

When is my last time sitting down in a cafe and having a cup of coffee? Well, I can't really remember when was the last time. Ever since I started to run, every weekend seems so busy for me. Either me myself talking part in the event or supporting my friends, having training or doing volunteer works.
Today, finally, I am a bit free up. Back to a place where I used to pass by and sitting down, ordering freshly brewed coffee and two mini Choc eclair, here I am, enjoying the high tea sessions.
Ok, talk about this place. I am at Pasir ris white sand shopping center now. The cafe 'Cottage pies Cafe', just somewhere outside the building. The tables is setting up along the walk way and while having the coffee, you still able to enjoy the view outside (it's raining today(I am lucky), nice cold air here and everything just nice).
There were two middle age women running the cafe. Probably the owner, both wearing pink polo shirt. While placing order, I was speaking English but the lady replied '咖啡'? And I said yes. At that point of time some how I felt a bit embarrassing. Maybe she detected my poor broken English. lol
The coffee, not as good as I expected. But it's really freshly brew infront of you and with only sgd1.90, I feel it's still serve the value. The two mini Choc eclair cost me sgd1.90 as well. They have many choices of pastries in store. All Mini in size and that is really good as after popping those sweet things into your mouth, you will not feel guilty :p and the price is still average. Some mini pie is selling in 3x for sgd2 depends on the size and flavor. At first I was thinking how they can survive. I mean the business and everyone just ordered coffee and sitting there for quite sometime. But then I realized, there were quite a lots of people queuing for their mini pastry.
What i can say about this place? The size is small with only 2x4seated tables and 5x2seated tables but sufficient enough to topup your caffeine and good enough to fill up your tummy with their pastry. No heavy makeup barista but the two friendly ladies make this neighborhood cafe having their own style and touching everyone's heart. Love the place.

View more pastries list which is available? Check out here.
Where is the store? Check it here.
View the savouries list? Check out here.

Cottage Pies Cafe, WhiteSand SingaporeCoffee and mini choc eclair from Cottage Pies cafe Singapore

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Running Event Singlet

Running Event singlet & Medal for sales. Collections in selected 'woodlands' MRT during weekday after 6pm.
Interested Please kindly EMAIL ME. Thanks.
Why I am selling this? Mainly to get some money for future running event registrations.

1) Singapore Mirzuno Mt Faber Run 2012 
  Price : SGD 10
  Size: Female M
 Condition:  Not New. (worn few times).


2) Singapore Republic Poly Run 2012
Price : SGD 10
Size: Female XS
Condition: Not New. (worn once during race day)


3) Singapore Shape Run 2012  
Price: SGD 10
Size: Female M
Condition: New.


4) Singapore Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2012 
Price: SGD 10
Size: Female S
Condition: Not New. (worn once during race day)


 5) Salomon Trail 2012 

Price: SGD 10
Size: Female M
Condition: Not New. (worn once during race day)

Item reserved on 9 May 2013.

 6) Singapore Newton Run 2012 

Price: SGD 10
Size: Female S
Condition: Not New. (worn few times)

 7) Singapore 100 plus passion run 2012 

Price: SGD 10
Size: M
Condition: Not New. (worn once times)

Item reserved till 23 May 2013.

 8) Singapore Energizer Night Trail 2013

Price: SGD 20
Size: S
Condition: New


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Money quote

Singtel prepaid

Recently I decided to cut my m1 fix handphone corporate line (paying sgd36++ monthly) to Singtel prepaid.
I was plan to use only yo$18. With paying only the 18 dollars I get free incoming calls, 120mind local outgoing call,1000 local SMS and 50MB data. But recently Singtel launched another prepaid topup plan which looks even better. Datatalk$22 and this seems to suit me more as I will need go make the IDD and more data bundle. They presented the plan with quote 'for users with high data and idd calls'. With monthly paying 22 dollars, I can get all days incoming calls free, 120mins of local outgoing calls, 500locals SMSes like what we have for yo$18. With the extra 4 dollars paid, I can get sgd12 idd talk time and global SMS and 250MB data.
Both the bundled value will roll over if you topup within 30days.

Rollover means you will need to topup with the same plan everytime. As example currently I am topup using yo18, after that I topup using datatalk22 then the yo18 will be all expired.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Energy consumption: car vs human

Found graphic online. Find it informative. Your at definitely consume more but it can burn faster as well.
Hope you will like it.

Spread and bread to start the day

Toast bread and hero's forest berry jam to start the day!!! Of cause with coffee as well..
Good morning everyone.

About the heros jam (

Monday, October 8, 2012


All the blisters coming after the hiking with my teva and yes it's painful

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Link THM sales

Received the SMS this morning. Don't miss the sales then :D
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