Saturday, October 20, 2012

Coffee Time- cottage pies cafe at White Sand pasir ris

When is my last time sitting down in a cafe and having a cup of coffee? Well, I can't really remember when was the last time. Ever since I started to run, every weekend seems so busy for me. Either me myself talking part in the event or supporting my friends, having training or doing volunteer works.
Today, finally, I am a bit free up. Back to a place where I used to pass by and sitting down, ordering freshly brewed coffee and two mini Choc eclair, here I am, enjoying the high tea sessions.
Ok, talk about this place. I am at Pasir ris white sand shopping center now. The cafe 'Cottage pies Cafe', just somewhere outside the building. The tables is setting up along the walk way and while having the coffee, you still able to enjoy the view outside (it's raining today(I am lucky), nice cold air here and everything just nice).
There were two middle age women running the cafe. Probably the owner, both wearing pink polo shirt. While placing order, I was speaking English but the lady replied '咖啡'? And I said yes. At that point of time some how I felt a bit embarrassing. Maybe she detected my poor broken English. lol
The coffee, not as good as I expected. But it's really freshly brew infront of you and with only sgd1.90, I feel it's still serve the value. The two mini Choc eclair cost me sgd1.90 as well. They have many choices of pastries in store. All Mini in size and that is really good as after popping those sweet things into your mouth, you will not feel guilty :p and the price is still average. Some mini pie is selling in 3x for sgd2 depends on the size and flavor. At first I was thinking how they can survive. I mean the business and everyone just ordered coffee and sitting there for quite sometime. But then I realized, there were quite a lots of people queuing for their mini pastry.
What i can say about this place? The size is small with only 2x4seated tables and 5x2seated tables but sufficient enough to topup your caffeine and good enough to fill up your tummy with their pastry. No heavy makeup barista but the two friendly ladies make this neighborhood cafe having their own style and touching everyone's heart. Love the place.

View more pastries list which is available? Check out here.
Where is the store? Check it here.
View the savouries list? Check out here.

Cottage Pies Cafe, WhiteSand SingaporeCoffee and mini choc eclair from Cottage Pies cafe Singapore


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