Friday, October 26, 2012

Where is the Old time Gerry's Grill

This is an update on the Gerry's Grill at Cuppage Road, Starhub Centre in Singapore.
We visited this place at least once or twice a month for either lunch or dinner and previously my review on this place was quite good. [Read Here] and indeed it was. But recently, both my friend and I found that the place services and food standard had no longer same as previously. Well, we are not surprise as when the business get better, its not easy to maintain the standard as previous. But this round, it is really really upset us.
First, lets talk about the services, seems like the waitress and waiters accidentally ignored some of the tables. All the tables even the table which just inches beside us, was well attended. We asked for vinegar, it never arrived, we asked for extra white rice, the rice arrived after we almost finished everything. We ordered the halo-halo and requested to served after the dinner as desert, but it was served as a appetizer timing. Ok, nevermind, we thought that maybe they were toobusy. But surprisingly, the tables just a few inch besides us was well attended. My friend even joked around saying we maybe should bleach ourselves as skin colors seems does matters. But I told my friend, no, its just purely because I never bring along my branded handbag and we both laugh along the way while raising up hands high and waiting people to serve us and seems we were not really been noticed. Well, my fault as maybe my hands are too short to be notice. 
For the bad services, I still can bear with it. But talked about food. We ordered the Shang Hai Spring rolls, well, its not properly cut as some were more than 5cm in length and some were less than 1cm. I told my friend, for chinese food, we talk about 'colors, smell, taste', the chef need to take care not only the taste and the smell but also the display and colors. Because with good display and food color, that will make people have better appetite to eat. But hey, we are not having chinese cuisine. ok, my fault again. I am picky. 
After long waited, finally our Grilled Squid was here. After the first bite, we looked to each other and we both agreed, its not properly cook. We told the waiter and they decided to changed for us. Another 10 mins, another one served, still, its not fully cooked and this was really not good. The inner part of the squid, you can still tasted its soft and still have the smells of raw squid. We were too hungry and forced ourselves to eat most of the squid. Hope we both will not have the upset tummy the next day. We finished 1/2 of the squid and I told my friends, no more sashimi, I cant take it without wasabi.
I do hope that Gerry's Grills will improve their services and the food standard. To be correct, not improve, but just back to the old time Gerry's Grills where the food at least properly cook. Its really waste of food and wasting is really bad. Please.. please, just make sure its cook. 
For sure I will think twice and find an alternative for our grill food craving place in future. But still I hope their food standard back to normal as I really like their old time grilled pusit.


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