Thursday, November 8, 2012

Asian Kitchen @ Vivo City

We went to Asian Kitchen at Vivo City over the weekend for dinner last week. Ordered my favorite Zha Jiang Mian (minced meat noodles - pork) and steamed pork and prawn dumpling. This is my second time having their Zha Jian Mian and still the noodles is really chewy and elastic and our first time trying the steamed pork and prawn dumpling. We always had the steamed pork dumpling from Ding Tai Fung but never tried anything like thiss, pork mixed with prawn.
Surprisingly the dumpling taste good. As the prawn is located inside the dumpling. After sipping the soup in the dumpling and chewing the minced meat, suddenly the whole full size prawn was hidden inside the meat. Nice surprise.
Asian Kitchen, SingaporeZha Jiang Mian at Asian Kitchen

Pork with Prawn Dumpling at Asian Kitchen


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