Friday, November 30, 2012

How to make a Hot Honey Ginger Lemon 热柠蜜姜

I am suffering with sore throat and stuffy nose this few days. Took some flu medicine with lozenges but the medicine really taste bad. So I decided to make my own vitamin-C drink which will help to cure my flu and sore throat before my weekend run.

How to make a hot honey lemon ginger drink?
Its easy.

1 bottle of honey ginger 350g Capilano Twist Squeeze bottle from NTUC fairprice
1 piece of fresh lemon from NTUC fairprice -SGD0.40

Steps by Steps:
1) Boil some hot water.
2) cut the lemon into slices
3) squeeze some lemon juice into a cup.
4) squeeze a bit of honey ginger into the same cup.
5) pour in the hot water and stir.
6) there is no step 6, the drink is ready for your throat, just sit back and enjoy your drink.

Note: Do not mixup lime and lemon, lime is in green and lemon is in yellow skin.


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