Thursday, November 22, 2012

Melaka Trip- Cafe 1511, Malacca - Weekend Getaway from Singapore

cafe 1511 in Melaka, MalaysiaWe went to Melaka few times and stayed in different places every time. We stayed in Holiday Inn at Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz which just beside the Mahkota Hotel in Melaka and Sayang-Sayang Youth Hostel at Jalan Kampung Hulu guest house before. During the September 2012 Trip, we stayed in Cafe 1511. We booked the place through agoda. Cafe 1511 is one of the listed place under tripadvisor and it just located in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok which is just a street along Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker walk). The location is awesome and the place just beside the Baba Nyonya Museum.  We booked the Otak Room, a double bed room with a shared bathroom. The room is nice and clean and the  place is really good. We logged our information in the log book and the common area is awesome. There had computer for you to surf and get information and they also provide you free wifi with the common are a big TV and a lots of movies and books. The toilet is clean and not crowded as well, where you dont need to queue for the use of the bathroom during our visit. The room come with free breakfast where you can choose to have local baba nyonya style breakfast of western style breakfast and the food is nice as well. The breakfast come with coffee or tea.
Sharing some photos about the place below. 
cafe 1511 in Melaka, MalaysiaLog Book at cafe 1511 in Melaka, Malaysia

Otak Room at cafe 1511 in Melaka, MalaysiaOtak Room at cafe 1511 in Melaka, Malaysia

Common Area at Cafe 1511 Melaka, MalaysiaToilet at Cafe 1511, Melaka Malaysia
American Breakfast from Cafe 1511 Melaka MalaysiaAsam Laksa from Cafe1511 Melaka, Malaysia


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