Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Dinner at Soup Guru Somerset 313

Saw this stall 'Soup Guru' at Somerset 313 Food Court. Thinking how it is compare with Lau hua Tang (老火汤). Ordering my favourite soup the lotus root soup (with port ribs). The price, for sure is more expensive compare with 老火汤, for Soup Guru the lotus root soup is SGD5.00 with white rice SGD1.00. Total SGD6. Not talk about the price as here in somerset 313 food court is a food court with air con while the  老火汤 i tasted in Marsiling Food court is only a neighbour hood food court where the same soup with white rice only cost me SGD4.50. Paying extra SGD1.50 for the air con?
Lets talk about the taste. I still prefer the Marsiling Food court as the port ribs is soft and the soup taste better. I said taste better not salter. The lotus roots from the Soup Guru is not soft as well and the soup it self seems undercook and had less taste. Fells like the soup is not worth the money. :D
Soup Guru @ Somerset 313
Lotus Root Soup, Soup Guru @ Somerset 313


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