Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gregory Sungem + Source 1.5L clear hydration bladder - My first Hydration pack

Today, pass by bugis area and wantet suggested to go check out the Campers Corner again. I was trying to look for a hydration bag for my trail run training and the race as well. Currently in my mind was the NorthFace, Salomon S-lab etc. But both are quite pricey.
Came across gregory sungem from Campers Corner and find it fulfil the requirement I want. I need a bag which allowed me to put some light weight clothing (jacket and cap) and the hydration about 1 - 2 L. The Sungem cost me sGD 148 (but paying with POSB everyday cards can get about 5% discount). The only thing is, the bag did not came with bladder. Where you got to find your own water bag and I got mine from Outdorr Life. The 1.5L from Source which cost me SGD51.
Total cost = 125.80 (after the POSB dollar rebate) + SGD51 = SGD 176.80.
(*Northface hydration bladder for female cost SGD176. 10% discount from running lab if pay by citibank credit card).
(*Salomon S-lab, more than SGD200).

Cant wait to test out the bag during my next run on Christmas day.

Friday, December 28, 2012

5 mins how to self prepare salad for breakfast

Bought the ingredient from Ntuc fairprice around the neighborhood area for 1 week salad supply. It's easy and it takes only about 5 mins.

Apple ( 5x) sgd 2.50
Lettuce sgd 2.95
Honey tomato from Genting sgd 1.10
Avocado (1x) sgd 1.25
Total cost : sgd7.80
Salad per day 7.80 / 5 = sgd1.56

1) wash all the ingredient with running water
2) wash the lettuce and tomato in a pile of water (2nd round washing) and leave it for ~3mins.
3) cut apples and avocado into cube size ( keep remaining in a Tupperware or cover with wrapping paper and keep it bak into the fridge)
4) cut the baby tomato to half and cut the lettuce as well.
5) mixed all together with selected dressing ( for me, I always like to mix with black pepper and Italian souce).

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowman 2GB thumbdrive from Suntec

My friend and I went to Suntec City today and she bought a new spectacles.  Well, year end, its not only people clearing leave and go for holiday but vision and dental claim as well.
After purchasing the items, we had been told there is a lucky draw in the customer service and we also entitle to a quick draw which you can get some voucher or mystery gift. What is the mystery gift? the 2GB snowman thumbdrive.
Its cute but 2GB for sure not enough for storage purpose. But, hey, its FREE !!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Complete breakfast for start of the day

Self prepared breakfast again to start my day after the Christmas. I definitely need something to push me back to the office. Laughing cow spread, toasted bread, a cup of 3 in 1 coffee and some green vege salad.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

3 inch sin at Millenia Walk

3 inch sin at Millenia walkToday after the heavy steamboat lunch, we decided to walk all the way to Suntec then from Suntec to Millinia walk. Come across a place with a board showing 'serving Papa Palheta' coffee and that make me decided to walk in and have a coffee topup. The store name is '3.Inch.Sin'. The cafe is selling chocleate cakes as their main business but they do have the coffee tasting as well with the daily use bean showing on the glass board in the store. Nice place to hang out as its not crowded and the coffee is much better than the one serving in starbuck. I ordered the cappuccino which cost me SGD4.90, which for me, its value the money.
Check out the cakes they are selling here.  I was too full and have not tasted the cake yet but 9 out of 10 customers who visit the place buying their cakes instead of coffee. (well, that point of time, seems like only me who ordered the coffee). Maybe next time, I will revisit the place and try out the chocolate cake.
Address: Millenia Walk, Unit 01-103, Raffles Boulevard, Tel: 6333 4562, Operation time: 11.30pm - 9.30pm daily.

3 inch sin at Millenia walk

3 inch sin at Millenia walk

Cappucino from 3 inch sin at Millenia walk

My Salad Dinner

Went to NTUC and bought some salad sauce and salad. Plan to have something healthy for dinner. Its easy and fast. Just wash the vegetables, cut it into small, get an apple and cut it into cube. Next just put on the sauce and its done. For this round, I am trying something new. The Italian Sauce from Kraft which I bought from NTUC fairprice market with SGD3.75.
Enjoy your meal.

Monday, December 24, 2012

World Of Sports Sales @ Expo

I went to World Of Sports sales at Suntec few weeks ago. Bought quite a few stuff. One of the best bargain is the columbia jacket which cost SGD299 become SGD99. 67% discount.
Besides jacket, they are also selling lots of sports wear from different brand like salomon and mirzuno and sports shoes as well. All in bargain price. Dont miss the expo sales !! Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Special Meal set from Jacks Place (Turkey and Ham)

We went to Jacks Place for our group gift exchanged yesterday. Here, would like to share with all one of the Christmas special set I had ordered, Turkey and Ham. They will only served Christmas lunch set from 19 dec 2012 until next Wednesday which is 26 Dec 2012.
The set come with soup of the day, the main course of selections, mango pudding with strawberry on top and coffee or tea at price SGD 18.70.
Enjoy your Christmas meal !!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Food from Old woodlands foodcourt - Anns Choice

 Due to work, I always went to Old Woodlands FoodCourt for my lunch. Mainly because the food taste better than my company cafeteria and you still able to find fruit juice with just SGD 1.50 or lunch under SGD3. 
But now, I just want to share with others one of the stalls. Anns Choice. They are selling rice with some local home cooking such as 'Pigs Belly Soup' (猪肚汤), Sesame Oil Chicken (麻油鸡), Pigs soup (猪杂汤) and etc. I tried both the pigs belly soup (SGD 4.50) and Sesame Oil Chicken (SGD4.00). The price shows in the board not including rice. So for the rice additional SGD 0.50. The nice thing is, with SGD0.50, you have  mixed rice (with vege and garlic) and the rice taste really nice.
I like the sesame oil chicken more compare to the Pigs belly soup as I prefer the pigs belly soup with strong pepper smells but the serving from this stalls have just mild pepper taste. Maybe to cater for audience as not everyone like the strong pepper taste in the soup especially under a humid and hot weather like here Singapore. Talk about the sesame oil chicken, it taste better than the look. But I found it a bit expensive as the portion is consider small. For guys who eat a lot, maybe you can get other cheaper and more tummy satisfying food at the foodcourt.  
Location: the foodcourt is just less than 5 mins walk from the Woodlands Singapore Checkpoint. You just need to cross the stop light and walk straight, once you see the KFC and posb ATM machine, take the staircase on the right, the foodcourt is just on top of them.
Enjoy Makan!!!

Pigs Belly Soup (猪肚汤) from Ann Choice at Old Woodlands Food CourtSesame Oil Chicken (麻油鸡) from Anns Choice at Old Woodlands Foodcourt

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas tree at ION Orchard, Singapore

Share with all the Christmas tree at Ion shopping center Orchard, Singapore for year 2012.
As usual they use the purple color as the theme color.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

World of sports mega sports sales 6 dec 2012 a 9 dec 2012 @expo hall 4B

World of sports is having their mega sports and golf expo sale at Singapore expo hall 4B from 6 Dec 2012 (Thursday) until 9 Dec 2012 (Sunday) 10am - 10pm.
Click for details.

How to get to expo? Click for details.
Happy shopping!!!

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