Friday, December 28, 2012

5 mins how to self prepare salad for breakfast

Bought the ingredient from Ntuc fairprice around the neighborhood area for 1 week salad supply. It's easy and it takes only about 5 mins.

Apple ( 5x) sgd 2.50
Lettuce sgd 2.95
Honey tomato from Genting sgd 1.10
Avocado (1x) sgd 1.25
Total cost : sgd7.80
Salad per day 7.80 / 5 = sgd1.56

1) wash all the ingredient with running water
2) wash the lettuce and tomato in a pile of water (2nd round washing) and leave it for ~3mins.
3) cut apples and avocado into cube size ( keep remaining in a Tupperware or cover with wrapping paper and keep it bak into the fridge)
4) cut the baby tomato to half and cut the lettuce as well.
5) mixed all together with selected dressing ( for me, I always like to mix with black pepper and Italian souce).


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