Sunday, December 16, 2012

Food from Old woodlands foodcourt - Anns Choice

 Due to work, I always went to Old Woodlands FoodCourt for my lunch. Mainly because the food taste better than my company cafeteria and you still able to find fruit juice with just SGD 1.50 or lunch under SGD3. 
But now, I just want to share with others one of the stalls. Anns Choice. They are selling rice with some local home cooking such as 'Pigs Belly Soup' (猪肚汤), Sesame Oil Chicken (麻油鸡), Pigs soup (猪杂汤) and etc. I tried both the pigs belly soup (SGD 4.50) and Sesame Oil Chicken (SGD4.00). The price shows in the board not including rice. So for the rice additional SGD 0.50. The nice thing is, with SGD0.50, you have  mixed rice (with vege and garlic) and the rice taste really nice.
I like the sesame oil chicken more compare to the Pigs belly soup as I prefer the pigs belly soup with strong pepper smells but the serving from this stalls have just mild pepper taste. Maybe to cater for audience as not everyone like the strong pepper taste in the soup especially under a humid and hot weather like here Singapore. Talk about the sesame oil chicken, it taste better than the look. But I found it a bit expensive as the portion is consider small. For guys who eat a lot, maybe you can get other cheaper and more tummy satisfying food at the foodcourt.  
Location: the foodcourt is just less than 5 mins walk from the Woodlands Singapore Checkpoint. You just need to cross the stop light and walk straight, once you see the KFC and posb ATM machine, take the staircase on the right, the foodcourt is just on top of them.
Enjoy Makan!!!

Pigs Belly Soup (猪肚汤) from Ann Choice at Old Woodlands Food CourtSesame Oil Chicken (麻油鸡) from Anns Choice at Old Woodlands Foodcourt


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