Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gregory Sungem + Source 1.5L clear hydration bladder - My first Hydration pack

Today, pass by bugis area and wantet suggested to go check out the Campers Corner again. I was trying to look for a hydration bag for my trail run training and the race as well. Currently in my mind was the NorthFace, Salomon S-lab etc. But both are quite pricey.
Came across gregory sungem from Campers Corner and find it fulfil the requirement I want. I need a bag which allowed me to put some light weight clothing (jacket and cap) and the hydration about 1 - 2 L. The Sungem cost me sGD 148 (but paying with POSB everyday cards can get about 5% discount). The only thing is, the bag did not came with bladder. Where you got to find your own water bag and I got mine from Outdorr Life. The 1.5L from Source which cost me SGD51.
Total cost = 125.80 (after the POSB dollar rebate) + SGD51 = SGD 176.80.
(*Northface hydration bladder for female cost SGD176. 10% discount from running lab if pay by citibank credit card).
(*Salomon S-lab, more than SGD200).

Cant wait to test out the bag during my next run on Christmas day.


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