Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tsim Chai Kee @ Hong Kong Wellington Street

I went to Hong Kong this year March for the race of Raidlight Lantu event (The race is calling Translantau next year onwards).
This was my first time to Hong Kong and I was so excited. My friend wantet had been to Hong Kong many times and she will be my tour guide for the trip. One day we went to Wellington Street for jalan-jalan and I had also prepared a print out for nice food to go around in Hong Kong from one of my colleague. Thanks to her that we found a nice place for our lunch Tsim Chai Kee. Not only nice but  cheap as well.
We ordered the prawn noodles with 3 big prawns wanton (inside with big prawns in each of the wanton). One bowl of noodles only cost us HKD22 (SGD 3.60), 2 for HKD44. Under the cold weather, just dropped by and have a big bowl of noodles is just nice. I can't finished my wanton (as its too much for me) and luckily my friend help me up so that we don't wasted any food.
(HKD6 = SGD1 during my travel time).

Here is the address:
Shop B, G/F Jade Centre, 98 Wellington Street

Tsim Chai Kee @ Hong Kong Wellington Street

Tsim Chai Kee @ Hong Kong Wellington Street

Tsim Chai Kee @ Hong Kong Wellington Street

Tsim Chai Kee @ Hong Kong Wellington Street

Fulin Fried Yong Tou Fu @Suntec Food Republic Foodcourt

Fulin Fried Yong To Fu at Suntech Food Republic foodcourt is one my of favourite yong tou fu in Singapore. Love their dried yong tou fu with the special gravy which taste really nice. You can even choose of having the noodles or rice.
The items are fresh and the gravy is just nice. Love it with beehon (as photo below) where teh beehon will be serve with the same gravy. With some chilli or black vinegar, the dish taste even better.
Drop and and try this out. 

Fulin Fried Yong Tou Fu @Suntec Food Republic Foodcourt

Fulin Fried Yong Tou Fu @Suntec Food Republic Foodcourt

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Things can be as simple as 123

staying with someobe, sharing your life, your daily habits and letting someone into your life, is always sounds to be much mote complicated.
but sometime, things can be very simple and easy. from what i am experiencing, let me share some of the tiny things that i feel so touching.
taking shower is the one i would like to share here. for morning, she claimed that she is slow, hence each time alarm rang, she will be the one who woke up first and take shower, letting me to catch up extra 10mins sleep. after tiring work, she claimed that she is slow again and let me shower first so that i can rest earlier. its just some simple thought and tiny things in our daily living, but it is big enough to fill up my hearts and feel so thankful that i found someone like her.
thanks for picking me up.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bed tray from Ikea

Went to ikea today and got my bed tray (a small table for eating in the bed). 
Bought the item mainly for dining in my room. Basically that's how life's be when you are renting a room. Basically, you eat, sleep and shit in the same room. Erm erm, well, my room does not come with a toilet hence I don't shit in my room. lol
The table cost me Sgd9.90. It's simple and easy to assembly and able to take up till 120 degree celcious. Meaning can put hit stuff but just to be safe, I think I rather don't try on hot items direct touching the table.
Some photos for sharing. Like ikea mainly due to DIY, it's like you are playing the Lego. Assembly and building something with a cheap sheet in hand.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sweet touch Taiwan beer

Finally I can't holds self and bought one can of this to try. Sweet touch the Taiwan beer. Been seeing this in the hypermarket quite some time back but never had chance to try it. Bought one can from Ntuc with sgd3.70 with lychee flavor. It's more like fruit juice with alcohol %. I don't really like the taste. It's more like a kids drinks. For me, I still prefer shandy. :)
Happy drinking.

The caveman at Novena

The caveman from Novena square one. 
Get to try this introduce by one of my colleague. The chicken has the choice of flavor either Italian or Mexican and the drumstick set which cost sgd7.90 with a drumstick, choice of two sides and a drink.
Taste wise quite nice, I prefer the Italian more than Mexican flavor as they are using different spices. Overall is quite worth the value. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clay pot at plaza 888

I went to 888 plaza for lunch. First time lunching at claypot delight. Not as what I had expected. Ordered the sesame oil chicken and the black pepper meat. Sgd4.50 each, white rice will be sgd0.50 each. 
The taste of the stock is quite nice. But the meat they are using is really out of my expectation. For the sesame oil chicken, it's all using the joins of the wings with only little meat.  What about the black pepper meat pot? I am feeling that I am eating flour more than meat. They dipped the meat with flour and deep fried it before cook it with the black pepper stock. I feel that it's not worth the money by paying agd4.50 for the stock (since I can't fill up my tummy with the meat). I mostly eating the white rice with the stock itself.
Worth to try? Not for me. 
Happy lunching !

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ji de chi 记得吃 desert store at Plaza Singapura

Visited Plaza Singapura at dhoby ghaut yesterday. After our dinner at a Japanese restaurant we passed by this place 'Ji de chi desert' 记得吃。
We ordered S12 blueberry flavor with laichee bubbles, small riceball and nata de coco which cost us sgd5.50. The portion is not big but just enough to share with both of us after dinner.
Good to try out this place and the desert is not too sweet and I understand that some of the kueh 糕点 is homemade. 
But what I don't really like about this place is some of the tables have the desert stains and you will feel that it's sticky. You have to request the staff to clean it up. 
Will go and try out some other variety next time. 
Happy Makan-ing!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bak kut Teh @ Alexandra village food court

Visited the Alexandra village and ordered the bak kut Teh paying sgd5. With white rice and I have to topup another sgd0.50. 
The taste of food is nuts average for me as I prefer those bak kut Teh with strong taste and smell. But still, not a bad stall to try out if you are a bak kut teh lover.

Yong Tou Fu @Lucky Plaza

My colleague introduced me this place few months ago. But everytime I visited Lucky plaza, I will be ended up at the jollibee instead of visiting the yong tou fu which is just near by the Philippine fast food stall.
Today finally I got chance to try out the food here. Picked 6 items and added one more tou geh, I picked the meatball, mushroom, chilli yong tou fu, lady finger and etc. dried kuay teow as my choice of dish. The girl who took my ordered asked me to tak a seat. I was wondering can they remember as the place is really pack. Right there, you just squeeze yourself in the middle of the long table and wait for you food and that's what I did. Stil wondering can they remember my order? My food was delivered after 10mins wait and it's the right bowl delivered and that's surprise me. 
The 7 items yong tou fu cost me sgd4.80. Looking at the brown meatball. Although they said its they famous item in the stall apart from the mustroom, but those fried things always never catch my eyes. But since I already picked it, have to eat it no matter how. 
Took the first bite and the meatball is the second surprise for me. It's delicious and crunchy. What's next? The thick mushroom. Yummy!!!
Must try this stall. Thumbs up and for sure will visit the place more often. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ramen champion @ changi airport terminal 3

I went to changi airport to fetch my friend last night who was flying back from Doha. Because both of us feeling cold and tired (me due to long hour working and my fried was tired due to long hour flight). We decided to have something hot and that's why we went to ramen champion at the terminal3 basement. 
At first I was thinking to have ramen but after seeing the curry rice, it's definitely looks yummy and I decided to have the fried prawn curry rice which is sgd8.90. (The rice served with no chilli flakes on top of the prawn but if you like spicy food like me, you can have some).
The food is nice and this place is really worth to give it a try. But the place is full when its peak hour (luckily we were there earlier) and you have to queue to get a seat. You will be given the card and just swipe your card when you order the food. Do not lost the card as it you will need to pay sgd100 for a lost card. 
 Thumbs up for this place as the food is real nice.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Coffeebean @bras basah road

I have been visiting this place for a few times. Mainly want to find a place to sit down after a tired shopping walk over the weekend (walking from bugis to city hall etc).
On one fine weekend noon, I was too hungry and started to order food beside of the ice blended mocha. The tomato base spaghetti makes me rolled my eyes. Its my first time and will be my last time having spaghetti in coffeebean. I have no idea what I was eating. The tomato sauce is too diluted. The spaghetti is overcooked. Luckily the ice blended coffee save my life.
Well, my advice is dont waste your money there trying the spaghetti, the money you pay deserve better food. Good luck and enjoy makan !!

ice blended mocha from coffeebean bras basah roadSpaghetti from coffeebean at bras basah road

YoGood Cereal

Admit it, for me, i do feel guilty once a while when i have my favourite oily fried meehon or oily you tiao as my breakfast once a while. Tying to find some alternative. Trying to be more healthy. Especially now I am engage with the running (Get my running blog here).
I bumped into this, yogood cereal for breakfast. Cereal always has no faith with me seriously. As they are too hard and too tasteless for me. Too boring and lack of excitement to me for breakfast. But still, as I'd mentioned, I am trying to be healthy here. (Trying ....) So I tried this. Bought a few pack (small handy pack) and have a try. No harm to have a try right. Everyone deserve a chance. I tried the nuts and the blueberry&Cranberry. Honestly, this two make me drop jaw. As its real tasteful. (for me). I simply mixed up with the fresh meiji milk, the chewy and the nuts/berries really fresh up my days. Not sweet at all and that is what I like the most.
Give this a try. You can easily get this from nearby cold storage (as i got mine there). Not sure NTUC/sheng shiong carry this product or not.

YoGood Cereal, nuts

YoGood Cereal, nutsYoGood Cereal, nuts

YoGood Cereal, cranberries and blueberry

YoGood Cereal, cranberries and blueberry

Monday, August 5, 2013

Famous Black hokkien noodles Kim Lian Kee @KL

I went to Kuala Lumpur around end of June 2013. Going there for the KL marathon 2013, but since the run has been postpone. We decided to make the trip as Makan trip.
My friend wantet brought me to this place. Kim Lian Kee hokkien noodles. KL hokkien noodles is different from other places. If you ordered hokkien noodles in other places like Singapore, it will turn out to be the seafood noodles which is white color but the famous KL hokkien noddles, it's black with thick noodles.
What's so special about the noodles, it's chewy, it's delicious and you will know what we call Chinese noodles with embedded Kung fu.  Looking at the chef who keep on hitting the pan with the spatula, you have to admit, it's not easy.
For Chinese food, we talk about the stove and the fire, we called in fo hao in Cantonese or Hua hou in Chinese (火喉) where the fried noodles have to fried under big flame of fires but still remain not sticky. That's the part making the noodles chewy or we say its QQ.
Try this, you will love it. The Chinese Kung fu hokkien noodles. 
Thumbs up for the KL noodles. Must try.
Enjoy Makan!!! :)

Kim Lian Kee black hokkien noddles from Kuala LumpurKim Lian Kee black hokkien noddles from Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Department of Caffeine

I have been wanting to post this for a very very long time but yet to do so until today which is about 2 months later.
My friend brought me to this place, Department of Caffine in Tanjong Pagar area or to be more exact 15 Duxton Road Singapore. The cafe located in a old style shop house, where you would not able to spot it if you did not walk closer to the shop area.
Check out the food photo I'd snapped. I like the waffle with banana and their coffee. But for the lavendar cake, too strong aroma for me. Overall, I like this hang out place a lot.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The soya tofu rice from 4fingers at Ion orchard

Today I visited again the 4fingers outlet at Ion orchard. Ordered a takeaway tofu rice which cost me sgd5.95, consist of two soya tofu and some appetizer and rice. 
Is it value for money? For me, with almost sgd6 with 2 slices of tofu, this is a bit over cost despite of I like their rice with the sweet sauce. 
Enjoy your meal.
tofu rice set from 4Fingers

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Song Hua bak kut the @killiney road

Dropped by killiney road and found this shop, song Hua bak kut teh at killiney road which is about 2-3 mins walking distance from somerset mrt. (Just opposite the Singtel com center).
The shop, running by only 2 staffs (I only saw two). The place is spacial and clean. Having the menu to choose the type of ribs you want for your bak kut teh, I picked the cheapest 小排 (small ribs) with a bowl of white rice. The bak kut teh comes with warm soup. Yes warm but not hot which is quite disappointing as I prefer it to be hot. But after topping up for the soup, finally I got a hot soup. The pepper taste and aroma smell not as good as song fat at Clark quay. Still Song Fat taste better. 
They serve not only bak kut teh but also others like mee sua, pigs livers soup, kidney etc both in bak kut and the soy source soup base.
Small ribs = sgd7
White rice = sgd0.80
Wet tissue=sgd0.30

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thunder tea rice @Toa Payoh food court

AToday I travelled all the way to tao payoh to have my healthy and nice thunder tea rice for my lunch. 
It stated no pork and lard and its healthy. Well, yeah, more green vegetables and it definitely looks healthy. I bought set 2 with white rice (brown rice additional 0.50, and take away additional 0.30), by paying SGD5. In side my bowl have 3 types of vegetables, tao fu, little fish, peanut, some salted vege as well. 
I find it a bit salty. Maybe they have me too much of salty vege, that's why. Beside that, there is a bowl of green thunder soup. I have no idea what it makes from (green tea?) but it taste good when its hot.
Overall, still a thumbs up for this. Thunder tea rice at Toa payoh hdb hub food court (beside the McDonald, the food court is underground).
Happy lunching !!!
Thunder tea rice from toa payoh

Conversation with kids

G: I like to have breakfast with daddy, mummy and you
Me: so sweet... :)
G: Do you know why?
Me: why?
G: because you wear spectacles
Me: huh?!
G: you looks so funny with spectacles 
Me : (=.=!!)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haze in Singapore

Yesterday the haze condition become worse in Singapore due to Forest burning in Indonesia. The PSI hit 155 at 10pm.
Stay indoor and drink more water. 
It's hot and humid.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Organic salad - Zenxin Organic Farm

Has been quite some time I did not visit the Cold Storage. The last visit which about a month ago, I am so happy to find that they are carrying local Organic products in the store. The ZenXin orgnic Food. I bought the cherry tomatoes (from Malaysia) at the price of SGD2.90 and a avocado with SGD1.90 per piece. Yes this is consider expensive compare with normal non-organic you can get from the market where the cherry tomatoes cost you less than SGD1.20 and the avocado is selling 3 for SGD1.90 for non-organic. But thinking of making salad, I will still prefer the organic food. Beside the tomatoes and avocado, I bought a pomelo orange. Here to share with all the salad.
I hope that the stores will bring in more and more organic food and the price of organic food will be more affordable one day. I believe everyone care about their health and wish able to take the organic food if the price is more affordable for everyone. This is not only able to create a more healthy nation but also will encourage the farmers go organic and be more environmental friendly. Thinking of all the pesticide the farmers are using and all those chemicals create pollutions to the nature make me feel sad. How long our earth can take all the stress?
Will I still can afford, I am trying my best to go organic. For my family and my health and for the mother earth.
Organic tomato from zenxin

Organic salad

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