Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why phewtick types of apps is so addictive?

Recently there are a lots of money earning things come into the picture. Application such as 'phewtick' and 'featured apps' gained more and more popular where it required you to perform something and the apps company will pay you a small sum of money or gift or even entitled you in some lucky draw.
I think mainly, because everyone want to be their own boss. We all knows that we need passive income or extra income out from the current work income from daily 8am till 5.30pm. If during this time range you are able to earn more even a few cents why not. That's an extra. Although the pay of an engineer per mins is more than that but still you will do it some more its entertaining.
Working in a place like Singapore is stressful. We heard everyone is doing their life good. But we are still struggling. Especially now with no increment and bonus at all and we still like our job and would like to stay with it. The extra income from other source that popup always catch out eyes and I think that's one of the reason I am so into phewtick now. Earning only sgd28 after 3 weeks playing the scanning. It's little but it's exta. 28 is not a big sum but with that monthly (I do hope I can cash out every month), I have the extra 28. It's not a big amount but it do help to pay my phone bills at least.
Well, of course I know this is not a goo solutions as the best still I need to train myself I to the entrepreneur which will make me more cash instead of this few cents things.
Hey, it's entertaining and the goal is clear, I want to cash out. Mission is simple, task is easy. I think that's why it's getting addictive.
Just make sure you don't over play it.
Happy earning your bit by bit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nandos Members Birthday Voucher

Received the Nandos birthday voucher few days ago. I signed up the members previously with some fees and during my birthday month, they sent me the voucher which I can redeem a complementary desert and a hot beverage and the voucher valid for 1 month. Not bad. Thanks Nandos.   

Nandos Birthday VoucherNandos Birthday Voucher

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chilli Crab @ Pulau Ubin

Chilli Crab from Pulau Ubin Yummy Yummy, chilli crab again. Our favourite dish forever. Went to pulau ubin just mainly for the seafood. Took bus until Changi Village and took the boat (SGD 2.50 per person -one way). Ordered a small chilli crab and some fried Sotong ring (squid) and 2xbuns to dip the chilli crab sauce.

Squid Ring from Pulau UbinBun from Pulau Ubin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Muchos @ Plaza Singapore Dhoby Ghaut

Mucho Modern Mexican @ Plaza Singapura Dinner at Muchos the modern Mexican Restaurant for the New Year Eve dinner. We ordered a seafood Tostada [SGD 12.90] and a Braised Pork Ribs  [SGD 28.90] for sharing. The place was really crowded on that day.
Seafood Tostada from Mucho Modern Mexican @ Plaza SingapuraThe Food taste wise, not as good as I thought. Lets talk about the seafood tostada. It says seafood, so it consist of fish and we forgot to inform them to exclude the fish and ended up, my friend cant really finish her as 'Fish' is her friend. :p The dish served with two Tostada where each cost you SGD 6.45. Its quite expensive for me as its smaller than a palm size. How about the braised pork ribs? I still prefer the one in Buckaroo where their pork ribs is more tender and soft and non-stick to the bones. [Read about my visit to Buckaroo here]
Braised Pork Ribs from Mucho Modern Mexican @ Plaza SingapuraTotal bills: SGD 49.20 including the 7% GST: 3.22 and 10% service Charge SGD4.18.  Recommended?  Well, I believe with SGD50, you should be able to get more tasteful food around.
Mucho mexican bar & restaurant 
Clarke Quay 
3D, River Valley Road 
Singapore 179024
Tel: (65) 6338 4748
Opening Hours
Sun – Thur:
12.00nn – 12.00mn
Fri – Sat: 12.00nn – 1.00am

Mucho modern mexican
Plaza Singpura
Orchard Road 
Singapore 238839 
Tel: (65) 6338 6001
Opening Hours
Sun – Thur:
11.00am – 11.00pm
Fri – Sat: 11.00am – 1.00am

Monday, January 14, 2013

Revisit Hot Tomato @ Somerset 313

Garlic bread and mushroom soup from hot tomato @ somerset 313Revisited Hot Tomato Cafe & Grilled @ somerset 313 after a trail run last week. We were so hungry and decided to order the set lunch with garlic bread, soup of the day and a choice of drink and a main course, as usual we will order the USA pork chop with sausage for the main course. When the bread and soup served. Both my friend and I were so shock. The small piece of garlic bread served in a big iron plate that make it looks pathetic and the waiter just hand over by putting at the side of the table. Even though bad services, we still have to pay the service charge.  
USA pork chop with sausage @ Hot Tomato Somerset 313The standard of the spaghetti is not up to their standard as its a bit hard. Check the green lettuce in the plate, it does not looks fresh. The best thing in the plate will be the pork chop, nicely cook with very good color and presentation. Value the money or not? Not for set lunch, I should have just order the pork chop itself. Will I revisit the place again? I dont think so. That should be my last visit to the cafe in Somerset 313. [Hot tomato outlet] CLICK TO READ more on this Cafe review from local famous food review website.

Others hot tomato outlets are:
Hot Tomato Coffeehouse
9 Raffles Place 
Republic Plaza, #B1-06 
Singapore 048619 
Tel: 6534 5058

Hot Tomato Express
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura, #B2-40
Singapore 238 839
Tel: 6341 9162

Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill
313 Orchard Road
313 @ Somerset, #B3- 35/36
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6884 6631

Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill
23 Serangoon Central Mall, #B1- 57
Singapore 556083

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Self prepared breakfast - Ham in toasted bread with salad

Dont be envy and yes this is real. My self prepared breakfast. Ham in toasted bread, hashbrown, meiji milk, fruit salad with italian salad sauce. Meiji milk SGD1.25 from NTUC, apple from NTUC SGD0.40, the salad green vege from NTUC SGD 3.50 (only use quarter of it), hashbrown SGD0.30, honey ham SGD0.65. Total cost of the breakfast SGD3.50. Prepared time: 20minutes. I believe with SGD3.50, I am not able to get the same portion of food from the store but self-prepared, yes you can do it and you know what you are eating and its refreshing.
Breakfast is important as I always believe a nice breakfast able to light up your whole day and your day will be ruined if you took oily breakfast or even worse skip it. Lets be healthy and enjoy your breakfast.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ Causeway point

Sour Plum Juice from Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ causeway point
 Went to Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ causeway point Singapore for my colleague farewell lunch. Luckily we went there early as the place became crowded afterward. We ordered the the plum drink, fried beans with brinjal, curry fish head and fried pumpkin. The fried pumpkin is too oily for me. But I like the other 3 items that we had ordered. After taking a sip on the spicy curry soup follow with the ice cool plum lime dirnk. Its perfect. Give it a try and you will know what is Siok !!!  

Element Spice signature curry fish head from Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ causeway pointCrispy Pumpkin from Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ causeway pointString beans with special source from Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ causeway point

Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ causeway pointRestaurant Outlet:

Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ Causeway Point
1 Woodland Square #B1-19
Tel: +65 6893 0051

Heng Heng Curry Cafe @ Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-201
Tel: +65 6338 0961

Total Bills : SGD 62.38
White Rice SGD 1 each x3
Sour Plum Juice SGD 3.80 each  x3
Crispy Pumpkin SGD3.90
Element Spice Signature Curry Fish head SGD 28.90
String beans with special source SGD 5.80
10% Service Charge SGD5.30
7% GST SGD 4.08

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dinner @ Lerk Thai Restaurant at Woodlands Civic Centre

We went to Lerk Thai Restaurant @ woodlands Civic Centre for our dinner. Ordered the pineapple fried rice, phat thai with soft shell crab, Spring rolls and white tom yam soup. The pineapple fried rice was served using the pineapple. Kind of interesting and the fried rice taste really nice. The soft shell phat thai is abit too oily and same goes to the spring roll. The white tomyam is yummy (we ordered a one person portion).
Overall, its quite a nice place for dinner as there was no queue.
Enjoy your dinner.

Pineapple friend rice from Lerk Thai Restaurant @ Woodlands Civic Centresoft shell crab phat thai from Lerk Thai Restaurant @ Woodlands Civic CentreSpring roll from lerk thai restaurant @ woodlands Civic CentreWhite seafood tomyam from lerk thai restaurant @ woodlands civic centre

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Swiss Biscuit Collection from Marks and Spencer

Got this Christmas present from a colleague. Love it so much. I like the cookies inside, I love the metal casing and I love the cookies from Marks and Spencer. Thank you my friend. Its so touching.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Candylicious at Sentosa

I always like candylicious exterior design at Sentosa. Today I snapped a photo of it to share with everyone. All the candies hanging on the tree. Thats the dream of all kids.
Candylicious at Sentosa

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dutch Shortcake from Marks and Spencer

Bought the  dutch shortcake from Marks & Spencer today with price SGD 6.30 for 2. (Promotion items). I always like cookies from Marks and spencer. It says per shortcake is 90 calories and fro 100g is 540. The cookies sell in 150g per pack.
I always like their cookies to go along with coffee or tea. You will never get bored with them and I am biting the cookies while writing this post. Yummy !!!

Dutch short cake from marks and spencer

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thye Hong Steamboat 泰丰火锅- Lunch

Revisit the thye hong steamboat at Lian Siah street today on 25th of December 2012. Christmas day. Lunch with paying the same amount SGD20 with two selective soup and unlimited food for steamboat.
Check out how much crabs we had attacked?!! After the lunch, we had to walk to Suntec then to Marina Square then back to Esplanade and we were still full after few hours walking and visiting stores by stores.
Happy eating out !!!
Thye Hong Steamboat at Liang seah street, bugis

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lunch at Paradise dynasty, Causeway Point Woodlands

Tried out new food at causeway point shopping center at Woodlands, the Paradise Group. The place famous with pricey for me :p but got the chance to try out their food finally thanks to my boss treat.
Having lunch during weekday and the place was surprisingly pack. Luckily we reached there quite early.
Ordered some dim sum and fried rice with noodles and some other dishes. I found the taste is not as good as those chinese restaurant at china town or ding tai fung but the price is quite high for me. For sure I will not visit again if I will need to pay my own bill. There we about 8 of us and the total bill was SGD189.00 with jiao zhi (饺子), (chicken appetizer)口水鸡, (seaweed appetizer)海带, (xiao long bao)小笼包,(fried turtle bean)干遍四季豆, (seafood ramen)海鲜拉面,(beef ramen)牛肉拉面,(sweet and sour chicken)酸甜鸡丁,(braised pork belly)东波肉,(fried prawn)腰豆虾仁,(friend rice)抄饭,(green vege)奶白 and lasty (beancurd with mushroom) 豆干鲜. The portion is not consider as small for me. Thats why we ordered a lots of dishes.
Below share with all some of the food photos.
Lunch at Paradise Dynastyfried turtle bean from Paradise dynastyBeef noodles from paradise dynasty

appetizer from paradise dynasty

xiao Long bao from paradise dynasty
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