Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lunch at Paradise dynasty, Causeway Point Woodlands

Tried out new food at causeway point shopping center at Woodlands, the Paradise Group. The place famous with pricey for me :p but got the chance to try out their food finally thanks to my boss treat.
Having lunch during weekday and the place was surprisingly pack. Luckily we reached there quite early.
Ordered some dim sum and fried rice with noodles and some other dishes. I found the taste is not as good as those chinese restaurant at china town or ding tai fung but the price is quite high for me. For sure I will not visit again if I will need to pay my own bill. There we about 8 of us and the total bill was SGD189.00 with jiao zhi (饺子), (chicken appetizer)口水鸡, (seaweed appetizer)海带, (xiao long bao)小笼包,(fried turtle bean)干遍四季豆, (seafood ramen)海鲜拉面,(beef ramen)牛肉拉面,(sweet and sour chicken)酸甜鸡丁,(braised pork belly)东波肉,(fried prawn)腰豆虾仁,(friend rice)抄饭,(green vege)奶白 and lasty (beancurd with mushroom) 豆干鲜. The portion is not consider as small for me. Thats why we ordered a lots of dishes.
Below share with all some of the food photos.
Lunch at Paradise Dynastyfried turtle bean from Paradise dynastyBeef noodles from paradise dynasty

appetizer from paradise dynasty

xiao Long bao from paradise dynasty


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