Sunday, January 13, 2013

Self prepared breakfast - Ham in toasted bread with salad

Dont be envy and yes this is real. My self prepared breakfast. Ham in toasted bread, hashbrown, meiji milk, fruit salad with italian salad sauce. Meiji milk SGD1.25 from NTUC, apple from NTUC SGD0.40, the salad green vege from NTUC SGD 3.50 (only use quarter of it), hashbrown SGD0.30, honey ham SGD0.65. Total cost of the breakfast SGD3.50. Prepared time: 20minutes. I believe with SGD3.50, I am not able to get the same portion of food from the store but self-prepared, yes you can do it and you know what you are eating and its refreshing.
Breakfast is important as I always believe a nice breakfast able to light up your whole day and your day will be ruined if you took oily breakfast or even worse skip it. Lets be healthy and enjoy your breakfast.


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