Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why phewtick types of apps is so addictive?

Recently there are a lots of money earning things come into the picture. Application such as 'phewtick' and 'featured apps' gained more and more popular where it required you to perform something and the apps company will pay you a small sum of money or gift or even entitled you in some lucky draw.
I think mainly, because everyone want to be their own boss. We all knows that we need passive income or extra income out from the current work income from daily 8am till 5.30pm. If during this time range you are able to earn more even a few cents why not. That's an extra. Although the pay of an engineer per mins is more than that but still you will do it some more its entertaining.
Working in a place like Singapore is stressful. We heard everyone is doing their life good. But we are still struggling. Especially now with no increment and bonus at all and we still like our job and would like to stay with it. The extra income from other source that popup always catch out eyes and I think that's one of the reason I am so into phewtick now. Earning only sgd28 after 3 weeks playing the scanning. It's little but it's exta. 28 is not a big sum but with that monthly (I do hope I can cash out every month), I have the extra 28. It's not a big amount but it do help to pay my phone bills at least.
Well, of course I know this is not a goo solutions as the best still I need to train myself I to the entrepreneur which will make me more cash instead of this few cents things.
Hey, it's entertaining and the goal is clear, I want to cash out. Mission is simple, task is easy. I think that's why it's getting addictive.
Just make sure you don't over play it.
Happy earning your bit by bit.


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