Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bali Trip - Day 1 -Lunch at Happy Falafel Seminyak

After checked in to the hotel, we start to have a short-walk at Seminyak area. But due to the hot weather and without any shades, we ended up at Happy Falafel for our lunch. Why pick this place? its clean.
Happy Falafel is a place selling middle east food like sharwama, muesli, pita and etc. The ingredient are fresh and once you ordered, they will start to prepare your food and it serve in fresh and hot.
My friend and I ordered the regular falafel and mexican wrap with a soft drink. Total cost are IDR100000 (*~SGD13.33) with softdrink costing us IDR15000 (*~SGD2) , the mexican wrap is IDR45000(*~SGD6)  and the regular falafel is IDR40000(*~SGD5.33)
The food is nice and compare with the price, its worth to have a try in this place.
The ingredient is prepared on the counter, you can just pick your own putting into your falafel, if you have no idea what are the name of the ingredient, there is a big reference table on the wall.
Happy eating !!!
Happy falafel
Jalan Dyna Pura 24, Seminyak,
Bali, Indonesia.
Happy Falafel Interior, Seminyak BaliHappy Falafel Interior, Seminyak Bali

Regular Falafel, the ingredient is free to mix and match on your own

Mexican Wrap

All the fresh ingredient reference on the wall

Note: the above is taking exchanged rate SGD1 = IDR7500

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bali Trip - Day 1 - Air Port to Hotel in Seminyak via Taxi

We took early flight on 17 Jan 2013 flying from Singapore to Bali - Denpasar. Depart at 7:25am and arrive at Bali at 10:05am. No flight delay and that is really a good news for us. I like taking Jetstar compare with the other two budget airline AirAsia and Tiger Airways. Why? Well, Jetstar allowed 10kg hand carry baggage and I dont need to purchase seats if I would like to sit with my friend as in Air Asia  some charges apply.
After we touched down at Bali Denpasar Airport. My friend and I trying to heads out and get a taxi as we book our accommodation at Seminyak area. Once we stepped out, there were some taxi driver claimed that they are the authorized airport taxi driver would like to take us to the destination. But the price is so high. First driver approached us asking for USD30  (~about SGD37) and the next driver told us the charges will be IDR150k (~about SGD21).
My friend wantet told me there should have a taxi counter nearby. We were walking around and me who is so impatient suggested we just took the taxi with IDR150k but wantet who had been to Bali few years ago insisted to have a few minutes search for the taxi counters.
Within a minute time, she found the counter and when we asked for the price to Seminyak, both of us had rolling eyes. Yes, we were both shocked with the price and of course, we took the taxi. The counter person wrote and gave us a paper (as below) and we followed the driver to the car park and took the taxi all the way from Denpasar airport to Seminyak Grandmas Hotel. So how much is the taxi fare? IDR85k (~about SGD11). No kidding.
So where is the taxi counter in the Denpasar Airport? Once you step out from the airport, do not bother those driver who approach you. Turn right, the taxi services counter is just in the right hand side with a very clear sign. Why pay more where the counter just within 10 steps away.

Taxi Fare from Denpasar To Seminyak:
1) Price offered by driver who approached us, USD30(~SGD37) & IDR150k (~SGD21)
2) Price we paid by getting taxi from the Taxi Service Counter, IDR85k (~SGD11). 
Total Saving at least SGD10.

Where is the Taxi Service Counter? Turn right once you step out from the airport, its just within 10 steps away.
Bali Airport Taxi Bill
Airport taxi bill, the taxi number is 90.
We were paying IDR85k
 from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak Grandmas Hotel.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home cook again

Just want to share my home cook dishes photo during the last weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wavve Grill and Chill @Orange Tee, Tao Payoh

we bought the voucher for the Mexican food restaurant Wavve Grill & Chill with the price SGD18.80 per person from After adding the GST, its about SGD20.12 per person for the buffet dinner. Looking at the price this is definitely sounds a great deal.
We had the reservation few days in advance and heads down to the place on 16 Feb 2013.  Ordered of the drink is not included in the deal voucher.
The place looks nice. But we had the seats just under the aircon and the aircon was dripping water on my friends back. We request for changed of seats but they claimed its full house and no more seats available. But what we see was there are still a lots of 6 seated seats available although the two seated is all reserved. The waiter told us he will on the aircon and adjust the temperature higher so that the water will not drip. But still we had the dinner in uncomfortable situation. 
The food wise, not much variety and some of the food is not longer hot due to the serving time. The hot pan, come with only the hot pan, the food is still cold. Only the pan is hot and for the desert and fruits, you have to wait for sometime before they topping this up.
For us, we will not go to the place anymore. As paying for SGD20, this place is not worth the money for us.
What surprise us is, most of the people going there with voucher and when we did a google on this, this place seems always have different theme buffet and making their business with I think mostly people going there because of the deal.
Here is the deal we bought. LINK

How to cook Zha Jiang Mian

Here I would like to share with you, how to cook a simple zha jiang mian. 
I changed all the ingredient and make the sauce the taste that I like.

 Ingredient1 x instand noodles, some minced meat (I use pork), some cut broccoli (I use broccoli to replace the cucumber), 1 x chilli (I like it sweat and spicy).

 First, put some water in the pot and let it boil. Put in the instant noodles. Make sure you DONT over cook it. After that, pour the noodles into a bowl under a running cold water. The cold water is to prevent the noodles stick to each other. Dry the pan and heat up the pan again for next step.

 After the pan is heat up, put in a bit of cooking oil,put some garlic and now you can just put in the ingredient for the sauce. Minced meat and the broccoli. Put in some salt and sugar. The salt is to enhance the  taste and the sugar is to make the sauce sweet. Remember to cut the chilli and put it in as well. The chilli is to enhance the color and taste.  Put in some dark soya sauce for the color and put in a small cup of water. (without water, there will be no sauce for your noodles).

 Lastly, just serve your noodles in a bowl and pour the sauce on top of the bowl. Now you just need a fork or a pair of chop sticks to mix your noodles and the sauce around and 'ta da', your home cook zha jiang mian is done.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sharing food from Hot Tomato

Just want to share food photo from Hot Tomato.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

4Fingers @ Ion

I always like the 4Fingers  Crispy Chicken compare to Bonchon. We went to 4Fingers in Ion Shopping centre over the weekend. This is the first time we pay a visit to this place after they had their outlet renovated (extend to bigger unit). I was surprise with the nice and modern interior after the renovation and what else? they have the new plate. Last time we were served with the paper boat but now they have the army bowl which is cute and nice. We ordered the chicken with rice set.(sharing the photo below).
Enjoy your Crispy Chicken :D

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kueh Lapis From Batam

I ordered the Cranberry Kueh Lapis from a colleague who claims that the Kueh Lapis is from Batam and the price is cheaper compare to Singaproe here. Well, no harm giving it a try especially now is Chinese New Year. The Kueh Lapis is from 'ABC Authentic Bakers Centre'. Overall, I find the kueh lapis is too wet inside and the problem is I like the dry and hot Kueh Lapis. So I just cut it into small pieces and keep it inside the friedge, whenever is needed, I just took a few slices and put into my small oven to heat it up and its just nice.
Overall, the kueh Lapis still value the money and worth to give it a try. I definitely will order this again next year during the Chinese New Year.
Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fat Chai !!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinta Manis Cafe @ Novena Square

We visited the Chinta Manis Peranakan Cafe @ Novena. We passed by the place several times and finally in one of the weekend, we decided to step in and try some desert from this cafe.
We did not ordered much only 1 Yuan Yang (SGD1.80) for myself, 1 Rainbow Agar Agar (SGD0.90) and 1 Kueh Bingka (SGD0.90). I like their Yuan Yang as it taste just nice. But the Agar agar and kueh Bingka is a bit pricey for me as its just a small square (about 2cm) and it cost me SGD 0.90.
But overall, the interior is quite nice and clean and its a nice place to hang out and rest your legs after the tired shopping walk.
More menus from Chinta Manis available HERE and guess what, catering and and bulk orders available as well. Find out more about Chinta Manis Catering HERE.
All the outlets information as below or you can find the latest outlet list and contact from their website HERE.

Chinta Manis
Novena Square #02-43
238 Thomson Road
Tel: 6258 84

China Square Food Court
Mon to Fri - 7:30am - 8:00pm
51 Telok Ayer Street #01-03
Singapore 048441
Tel: +65.6225.4754
Fax: +65. 6225.4729 

Macdonald's House
11 King Albert Park
#01-04 Macdonald's House
Singapore 598292
Tel: 6465-0383
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 800am-800pm

myVillage at Serangoon Garden 
1 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556679
Tel: 6634-5424
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 1100am-900pm
Saturday and Sunday 1000am-900pm 

Chinta Manis Cafe
60 Airport Boulevard
#016-010 Changi Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Hall
Singapore 819643
Tel:62149762 F:62149760

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fat Choy Yu Sheng from Soup Restaurant @ Causeway point

Its Chines New Year, here is my first Yu Sheng for year 2013. Having the Fat Choy Yu Sheng from Soup Restaurant @ Causeway Point. Ordered the Fat Choy Yu Sheng (SGD19.80++) if you would like to order the Salmon fish it will cost you (SGD29.80). Overall the food there is still ok. But seems like the waitress is not so well train and not so good in giving the 'Auspisious' wish while preparing the Yu Sheng for us. But we still enjoying 'Looooouu' the Yu Sheng and make the whole table very messy (some chop sticks flying around as well, hehehe, seems that person will need to go for Kung Fu training for how to use the chop sticks).

Birthday Treat from Nandos

I received a voucher from Nandos during my birthday month (Read more here about the voucher). Hence I paid a visit to nandos and at the same time redeem the voucher.
Below are some photos to share with all. The birthday voucher entitle the member a hot drink and a desert from the menu. I picked the chamomile tea and single scoop ice cream and I was visiting the Bugis outlet. The ice cream is not as nice as I expect as during the serving, the ice cream was already melting. But taking the consideration its FREE, so its still fine for me :D
Thanks Nandos for the treat.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Piqué nique @orchard

Went to pique nique again and this time we ordered the macarons and chamomile tea for tea break.
Two flavors were picked this round the mint and the French chocolate. I don't really like macarons hence my friend is the one who finished both but she claimed that the mint taste better as she find the French chocolate is too sweet for her.
Anyway, this is a good place to sit down and have some rest after a tiring shopping walk as the place located just outside the takashimaya shopping which is opposite the KFC.

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