Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bali Trip - Day 1 - Air Port to Hotel in Seminyak via Taxi

We took early flight on 17 Jan 2013 flying from Singapore to Bali - Denpasar. Depart at 7:25am and arrive at Bali at 10:05am. No flight delay and that is really a good news for us. I like taking Jetstar compare with the other two budget airline AirAsia and Tiger Airways. Why? Well, Jetstar allowed 10kg hand carry baggage and I dont need to purchase seats if I would like to sit with my friend as in Air Asia  some charges apply.
After we touched down at Bali Denpasar Airport. My friend and I trying to heads out and get a taxi as we book our accommodation at Seminyak area. Once we stepped out, there were some taxi driver claimed that they are the authorized airport taxi driver would like to take us to the destination. But the price is so high. First driver approached us asking for USD30  (~about SGD37) and the next driver told us the charges will be IDR150k (~about SGD21).
My friend wantet told me there should have a taxi counter nearby. We were walking around and me who is so impatient suggested we just took the taxi with IDR150k but wantet who had been to Bali few years ago insisted to have a few minutes search for the taxi counters.
Within a minute time, she found the counter and when we asked for the price to Seminyak, both of us had rolling eyes. Yes, we were both shocked with the price and of course, we took the taxi. The counter person wrote and gave us a paper (as below) and we followed the driver to the car park and took the taxi all the way from Denpasar airport to Seminyak Grandmas Hotel. So how much is the taxi fare? IDR85k (~about SGD11). No kidding.
So where is the taxi counter in the Denpasar Airport? Once you step out from the airport, do not bother those driver who approach you. Turn right, the taxi services counter is just in the right hand side with a very clear sign. Why pay more where the counter just within 10 steps away.

Taxi Fare from Denpasar To Seminyak:
1) Price offered by driver who approached us, USD30(~SGD37) & IDR150k (~SGD21)
2) Price we paid by getting taxi from the Taxi Service Counter, IDR85k (~SGD11). 
Total Saving at least SGD10.

Where is the Taxi Service Counter? Turn right once you step out from the airport, its just within 10 steps away.
Bali Airport Taxi Bill
Airport taxi bill, the taxi number is 90.
We were paying IDR85k
 from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak Grandmas Hotel.


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