Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bali Trip - Day 1 -Lunch at Happy Falafel Seminyak

After checked in to the hotel, we start to have a short-walk at Seminyak area. But due to the hot weather and without any shades, we ended up at Happy Falafel for our lunch. Why pick this place? its clean.
Happy Falafel is a place selling middle east food like sharwama, muesli, pita and etc. The ingredient are fresh and once you ordered, they will start to prepare your food and it serve in fresh and hot.
My friend and I ordered the regular falafel and mexican wrap with a soft drink. Total cost are IDR100000 (*~SGD13.33) with softdrink costing us IDR15000 (*~SGD2) , the mexican wrap is IDR45000(*~SGD6)  and the regular falafel is IDR40000(*~SGD5.33)
The food is nice and compare with the price, its worth to have a try in this place.
The ingredient is prepared on the counter, you can just pick your own putting into your falafel, if you have no idea what are the name of the ingredient, there is a big reference table on the wall.
Happy eating !!!
Happy falafel
Jalan Dyna Pura 24, Seminyak,
Bali, Indonesia.
Happy Falafel Interior, Seminyak BaliHappy Falafel Interior, Seminyak Bali

Regular Falafel, the ingredient is free to mix and match on your own

Mexican Wrap

All the fresh ingredient reference on the wall

Note: the above is taking exchanged rate SGD1 = IDR7500


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