Monday, February 18, 2013

How to cook Zha Jiang Mian

Here I would like to share with you, how to cook a simple zha jiang mian. 
I changed all the ingredient and make the sauce the taste that I like.

 Ingredient1 x instand noodles, some minced meat (I use pork), some cut broccoli (I use broccoli to replace the cucumber), 1 x chilli (I like it sweat and spicy).

 First, put some water in the pot and let it boil. Put in the instant noodles. Make sure you DONT over cook it. After that, pour the noodles into a bowl under a running cold water. The cold water is to prevent the noodles stick to each other. Dry the pan and heat up the pan again for next step.

 After the pan is heat up, put in a bit of cooking oil,put some garlic and now you can just put in the ingredient for the sauce. Minced meat and the broccoli. Put in some salt and sugar. The salt is to enhance the  taste and the sugar is to make the sauce sweet. Remember to cut the chilli and put it in as well. The chilli is to enhance the color and taste.  Put in some dark soya sauce for the color and put in a small cup of water. (without water, there will be no sauce for your noodles).

 Lastly, just serve your noodles in a bowl and pour the sauce on top of the bowl. Now you just need a fork or a pair of chop sticks to mix your noodles and the sauce around and 'ta da', your home cook zha jiang mian is done.


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