Friday, February 15, 2013

Kueh Lapis From Batam

I ordered the Cranberry Kueh Lapis from a colleague who claims that the Kueh Lapis is from Batam and the price is cheaper compare to Singaproe here. Well, no harm giving it a try especially now is Chinese New Year. The Kueh Lapis is from 'ABC Authentic Bakers Centre'. Overall, I find the kueh lapis is too wet inside and the problem is I like the dry and hot Kueh Lapis. So I just cut it into small pieces and keep it inside the friedge, whenever is needed, I just took a few slices and put into my small oven to heat it up and its just nice.
Overall, the kueh Lapis still value the money and worth to give it a try. I definitely will order this again next year during the Chinese New Year.
Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fat Chai !!!


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