Monday, February 18, 2013

Wavve Grill and Chill @Orange Tee, Tao Payoh

we bought the voucher for the Mexican food restaurant Wavve Grill & Chill with the price SGD18.80 per person from After adding the GST, its about SGD20.12 per person for the buffet dinner. Looking at the price this is definitely sounds a great deal.
We had the reservation few days in advance and heads down to the place on 16 Feb 2013.  Ordered of the drink is not included in the deal voucher.
The place looks nice. But we had the seats just under the aircon and the aircon was dripping water on my friends back. We request for changed of seats but they claimed its full house and no more seats available. But what we see was there are still a lots of 6 seated seats available although the two seated is all reserved. The waiter told us he will on the aircon and adjust the temperature higher so that the water will not drip. But still we had the dinner in uncomfortable situation. 
The food wise, not much variety and some of the food is not longer hot due to the serving time. The hot pan, come with only the hot pan, the food is still cold. Only the pan is hot and for the desert and fruits, you have to wait for sometime before they topping this up.
For us, we will not go to the place anymore. As paying for SGD20, this place is not worth the money for us.
What surprise us is, most of the people going there with voucher and when we did a google on this, this place seems always have different theme buffet and making their business with I think mostly people going there because of the deal.
Here is the deal we bought. LINK


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