Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running shoes on sales - 112 Katong

I visited 112 Katong yesterday, the running lab outlet at the mall is having sales for selected running shoes up to 60%. I bought my first ever ascis shoes yesterday Asics gel-ds trainer 17.  You can read more details and get the photo of the shoes from below link. Happy shopping!!

HeartsBeeping: Running shoes - Asics gel-ds trainer 17: Since last month after I scrapped my new balance training shoes (forgot the model as I had it quite sometime back). I had been running with...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

North face Singapore having end season sales

North face Singapore is having the off season sales, started from 15th March until 24th March 2013.
Due to last week I was not around (flying to Hk for Lantau race, and back here with timeline need to meet for my project at work) ended up I only able to visit the store today.
Selected items in 40% and storewide 20%. Well, i jut bought the north face glove before I went to HK paying sgd50 over but now they are selling it with only sgd36. Some more, I did not use the glove for my run due to the weather is not as cold as I thought. Seems like I had bought it too early.
What else? I bought a women's hyacyice base later with zipper. Saw from the box, normal price is sgd86 but now I got it with sgd39. It's 55% discount !!!
What else? Seems like the store have more items for guys. Even the trekking pants is so cheap for guys but for women, only 20%. I bought a TNF with paramount valley conversion trekking pant in black color( the pants can converted to shorts with zipper and 3/4 with just fold and button), usual price is sgd146, after discount, I was paying sgd116.80. Save 29.20. Best buy? Yes for me :D
Good to start to stock up if you are planning for some trekking or climbing. Or traveling to cold place.
Happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ntuc uweei water bottle for sale

Brand new Ntuc uweei water bottle 600ml or 24oz for sale.
Got the item as a gift.

Capacity: 600ml or 24oz
Color: pink (as shown in photo)
Price: SGD 3 (pay and hand carry)
Meetup at selected mrt startion for item collection.

Those who are interested, please leave a message here.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chinese New year lunch at Crystal Jade

We went ot Crystal Jade at Causeway point for Chinese New year Lunch cum farewell for a colleague. Here are the dishes. Just want to share the dishes after the place renovated. As usual, it is so crowded and no reservation allowed. Luckily one of our ex-colleague able to chop the place for us. Thanks to her. 
1) sauteed shrimp and brocolli with scrambled egg 滑蛋虾仁扒西兰花
2) steamed strimp dumpling 晶鲜虾饺
3) steamed pork ribs 蒸排骨
4) pan fried carrot cake with dried shrimp and preserved meat 香煎囖波糕
5) pan fried beancurd skin rolled with minced pork and shrimp 鲜虾腐肉卷
6) steamed mince pork with diced mushrooms and preserved vegetable 梅菜蒸手剁肉饼
7) BBQ duck platter 叉烧油鸭双 拼
8) braised spinach beancurd with assorted mushroom 什菌扒菠菜豆腐

sauteed shrimp and brocolli with scrambled egg steamed strimp dumpling 晶鲜虾饺steamed pork ribs 蒸排骨

pan fried carrot cake with dried shrimp and preserved meat 香煎囖波糕pan fried beancurd skin rolled with minced pork and shrimp 鲜虾腐肉卷steamed mince pork with diced mushrooms and preserved vegetable 梅菜蒸手剁肉饼

BBQ duck platter 叉烧油鸭双 拼braised spinach beancurd with assorted mushroom 什菌扒菠菜豆腐

Fragrant Hot Pot from Bugis Junction food court 盆儿香 麻辣香锅

I just visited the fragrant hot pot from bugis juction food court ( 盆儿香 麻辣香锅). I use to have this from the Somerset 313. But now would like to try this stall. There are a few good point about this stall.
1) The price is cheaper (the price of the items is cheaper compare with the one in Somerset)
2) Choose the level of spicy. (You can choose the level of spicy you want).
3) Come with seaweed soup. (although it is just a small bowl of soup but it taste good and more than enough)
How much I spent for my meal? SGD8.75. It is about 2x cheaper compare with the one in Somerset313.
FYR, vegetable/100gm = SGD0.80, Mushrooms and meat/100gm=SGD2.60, Hot pot base SGD2.60, rice 0.70.
If you like spicy food, challenge yourself here.
Enjoy your meal :D 
Address:200 Victoria Street, #03-30 Bugis Junction

Fragrant hot pot from bugis foodcourt

Fragrant hot pot from bugis foodcourtFragrant hot pot from bugis foodcourt

Bento set from Ajisen

Gong Bao Bento from AjisenI like to go Ajisen not because of the ramen they have but also the bento set. The Gong Bao Chien Bento set cost SGD11.90. (After adding 10% service charge and 7% GST = SGD13.92). This is consider as one of the sinful meal for me but this is still cheaper compare with their ramen set. The bento set come with rice, a bit of red ginger and a little bit of green vege (well, the red ginger looks really a bit) and a bowl of miso soup.  If you are tired with ramen from ajisen, maybe the rice bento set will be an alternative for you. Enjoy your meal !!!

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