Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baja fresh, Mexican food

My friend and I like nacho and salsa and the chips (actually I only like the chips) and we were so lucky to found this place 'Baja Fresh' at brah basah area(9 bras basah road) just opposite the SMU.
The food, taste really nice. With meal you order they will give you some chips and for the salsa, it's free flow.
If you want to refill your drinks you only need to pay sgd1 at the cashier.
The place is quite cosy with quite a lots of seats. From the receipt, well it's consider as slightly above compare with buying food from court but compare the size, it's worth the money as the portion is quite big. If you like nachos and salsa, this place is worth a drop by and try out.
We ordered the Burrito Mix Veggie with black beans and hot salsa. Regret that I had hot salsa for this as its really hot and spicy but the black beans is really taste nice and we had quesadillas with Char Siow. I still like their quesadillas with grilled chicken which now become one of our favorite food in our 'makan' list.
Happy eating :D

Chips & Salsa from Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh

The salsa counter at Baja Fresh

Burrito from Baja Fresh

quesadillas from Baja Fresh


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