Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cpf investment

Here I would like to share with you. Started from year 2010 I had been withdrawing money from cpf and started to have the cpf investment. Well, all of us know that cpf giving out 4% of interest, why I need to withdraw and have the investment on my own?
At that point of time, mainly I want to prove that how cpf board earning a lot and only giving us 4%. From the attached image you can see I did several withdraw actively for year 2010 and 2011. Started from 2012, no more withdraw but I started to sell on hand share.
For year 2010, total withdraw is sgd8283.13 and total credit back is 5201.82, total money used for investment is 3081.31, meaning for year 2010, the 4% interest I miss was 123.25.
For year 2011, total withdraw is 11633.56 and total place back is 11273.61. If taking total withdrawal 2012+withdraw 2011+interest should earn for 2011=11633.56+3081.31+123.25=3564.51. From 3564.51 total interest I'd miss is sgd142.58.
For year 2012, no withdraw (only bank charges) 6.42 in total and credit back from interest earn and selling of share is 3403.31. Taking to total withdraw and interest I had miss for year 2010-2011 + total withdraw 2012 =3713.51, taking total withdraw - total credit back = 310.2, total interest I had miss is 12.4.
At the year 2013, I decided to sell a penny stocks on hand which keep sinking and loosing its profile, I was selling it 50% below my buying price and credit back 1340.71. Sum up everything, the total earning I gain is only 1296.34. When sum up all the interest I'd miss out from year 2010-2012 =278.24.

My total net earning is 1018.09.

I am not a good investor and I did not earn in every of my investment and I even sold one with 50% loss. But still the earning is about 1000 on top of the 4%.

Inspire of I can't withdraw my money from cpf, that's the main reason I started to invest few years back.

Research on the company and getting some shares which pay good interest always caught my eyes for such investment profile. At least I got some payout from the company. Picking the right stock still the key and do not just follow the rumors or so call insider news. As an investor, yes you are risk taker and research on the stocks and company maybe help you to reduce some unnecessary risk and give you return or at least reduce yours lost in the investment.

Choose wisely and good luck to all.

P/s: blogger does not encouraging anyone to withdraw and invest. Making investment is on reader on risk.


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