Thursday, April 4, 2013

The best avocado juice

The best avocado shake I ever tasted is from the Alexandra village foot centre which is just opposite the queensway shopping centre.
This small stall in the food court charging sgd2 for a big cup avocado shake really worth the money. The juice is very thick and they are using the avocado from Australia. You can find boxes of avocado outside the stalls.
My friend and I even travel all the way down to this food court mainly for the avocado shake. What else? We like to order the Thai food from the stall opposite. After taking spicy food, that's when the think avocado shakes make out lunch / dinner more perfect.
Going to Ikea at Alexandra road? Well, not necessary have to eat in ikea, just cross the street, you can find lots of nice and cheap food here in the food court.
Avocado shakes, here I come again this weekend!!!
Address: 120 bukit merah lane 1,s150120


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