Thursday, May 16, 2013

Smith Road, Spicy Food 密斯湘菜馆

Last weekend, my friends brought me to a chinese restaurant in Smith Road, Chinatown. Three of us, we all like the spicy chinese food. My friend did an online reservation which she claimed can get 10% discount which it really does and we visited the place and ordered about 5 dishes. 
My find the food is a bit salty but the fish head is my favourite out of all the dishes. We ordered the big fish head and its really big (a full fish head which consist of two half fish head covered by green and red chilli). 
Talking about the spicy fish head, I still prefer the one from Chuan Wai 川外. The price from this place is not cheap as well. Even with 10% discount, the total bill is about SGD90.
Overall, good to try but I am sure there are some others more worth the money lying out there in chinatown.
Hope you all enjoy it.

24 Smith Street, 
Singapore 058938
Phone: 6225 5968

Singapore Smith Road 密斯湘菜馆

Singapore Smith Road 密斯湘菜馆


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