Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talk about work

Have you ever explain to someone about your work? Which one you think is the most unforgettable?
Here I would like to share my experience about two years ago. When I went to a bicycle shop to fix the old bike tire. Here is my conversation with one of the worker in the shop.

Staff: what is your work?
Me: I am a programmer
Staff: arh?!
Me: IT
Staff: IT?! (Still looks blank)
Me: computer.
Staff: oh, computer, my friend also work in computer
Me: is it?!
Staff: yes, he work in a factory, they make screen.
Me: oh.. computer screen.
Staff: yeah, you know those? Those looks like TV.
Me: yes, I know.
Staff: you work on screen as well?
Me: no, I am not. But we use it a lot.
Staff: is it? No wonder my friend said he is quite busy and always have to work late, but they got extra pay for it.
Me: (just smile)


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