Monday, May 20, 2013

Trekking at bukit timah, Singapore

I went to bukit timah on Sunday. Mainly is to explore the trail and gain some elevation. I took train to bukit batok and walked to the bus interchange and took bus 852. Dropped at the stop before beauty world and bukit timah visitor center is just about 300m walking distance.
First, I took the tar road up till the summit, have about 1-2 mins rest before I walked down using the same road. I use the runkeeper application in my iPhone to track the distance and the route, just in case I went lost, at least I know where I started and go back to the main route. It took me about 30 mins to walk up and down the hill which is 163m elevation. 
After about 2 mins rest, I started the trekking with trails. Taking south view path with lots of stairs follow by cave path and lead me to catchment path junction, I took the left turn knowing that will lead me to the summit and walk all the way. The catchment path will exit in the middle of main tar road to the summit. Another 40-50m walk, will lead you to the long stair case to the summit. (You can choose to take stairs or tar road for this)
First time tried on the cave path. I spotted two cave and snapped photos for both. I was trekking alone there. Overall still ok as it was a weekend and on and off there were people pass by, at least I am not alone. But advise those who trek alone, remember to save the national park number in your phone, just in case emergency help needed. 
For today trekking, I spent about 1hr 28mins. Making loop to summit twice. Overall it's enjoyable. But my advise, if you never taking any of the trail before and you are not a frequent trekking/exercise person, please do listen to your body. Rest if needed. Even you are half way in the stairs, it's ok to just stop and rest, let yourself catch up some air and listen to your own breathing. Just make sure you stay on one side and not blocking others. Why I advise you on this? Well, when I trekked that day, I saw two incident. One lady sprinkle her right foot. Badly injure and she had to use a pole and call the first aid. Second case, I walked passed, there was a girl blackout and lying on the stairs to summit. She was with her friends, amount 7-8 of them and they were making call telling friends about that and waiting for the girl to wake up. When I saw this, I just realized I forgot to bring my small first aid purse where contains of plaster and some oil. If I have it, the oil will really helps.
So do remember do not over push yourself. It's ok to just rest. Take your time. You want to reach the summit but not over push yourself and make it as the last time you visited the place.
Enjoy the trail :D
Bukit TimahBukit Timah Trail

Cave in Cave Path Trail
Junction Cave Path and Catchment path


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