Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haze in Singapore

Yesterday the haze condition become worse in Singapore due to Forest burning in Indonesia. The PSI hit 155 at 10pm.
Stay indoor and drink more water. 
It's hot and humid.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Organic salad - Zenxin Organic Farm

Has been quite some time I did not visit the Cold Storage. The last visit which about a month ago, I am so happy to find that they are carrying local Organic products in the store. The ZenXin orgnic Food. I bought the cherry tomatoes (from Malaysia) at the price of SGD2.90 and a avocado with SGD1.90 per piece. Yes this is consider expensive compare with normal non-organic you can get from the market where the cherry tomatoes cost you less than SGD1.20 and the avocado is selling 3 for SGD1.90 for non-organic. But thinking of making salad, I will still prefer the organic food. Beside the tomatoes and avocado, I bought a pomelo orange. Here to share with all the salad.
I hope that the stores will bring in more and more organic food and the price of organic food will be more affordable one day. I believe everyone care about their health and wish able to take the organic food if the price is more affordable for everyone. This is not only able to create a more healthy nation but also will encourage the farmers go organic and be more environmental friendly. Thinking of all the pesticide the farmers are using and all those chemicals create pollutions to the nature make me feel sad. How long our earth can take all the stress?
Will I still can afford, I am trying my best to go organic. For my family and my health and for the mother earth.
Organic tomato from zenxin

Organic salad

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Watami Steamboat for lunch

We visited watami 2 weeks ago in one of the weekend for our lunch. Ordered the steamboat set lunch that cost is sgd15.80. The set included the salad with sesame oil sauce (my favorite salad), a drink (I will recommand you to pick their cold yuzu soda) and a streamboat pot (Seafood-clam, squid), meat (chicken & pork), tofu, vegetavles and mushroom) with a white rice. 
It's really worth the value. We even ordered extra rice and share the hot pot with two person. 
Happy lunching !!!

watami lunch set, salad with sesame sauce

watami lunch set, yuzu soad

watami lunch set, steamboat

Friday, June 7, 2013

Free thing!!! Jurong east

Me: In jurong east mrt, they give out free thing when i walked past. See what I get (showing two packs of sample biscuits and a recycle shopping bag)
R: ah mah.
Me:ei, it's Aunty. Anyway the recycle bag is very useful, can put pillow and blanket when I am moving place. Hehehe..
R: ah ma.
S: the bag design looks urgly.
Me: it's free, what u expect. It's very useful.
R: ah ma. 
Me: (=.=!!)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Soup Spoon @Novena

I always like to visit the soup spoon in Singapore. I used to order the creamy mushroom soup or the pumpkin. But this time, I decide to try out their Tangy Tomato. The soup taste nice with sour and spicy (spiciness still bearable). [Soupspoon soup choice] and I like it. I picked up the meal combo set which consist of a soup, half sandwich and a snacks. For the sandwich, you can choose either you would like to have sandwich / wrap or salad same goes to snacks. I pick Lays for the snacks. :D and the set cost me SGD10.80 with 100 points added into my Souperholic account.
You can register as a Souperholic and install the apps in your smart phone [iphone soupspoon apps] and get the code scan every time you visit to collect point. Points collected can be redeem for food. Isnt that great!
You can get the souperholic list of benefits here. For those without the iphone, you can get the souperholic card from the counter.
Enjoy the hot soup.

Tangy tomato , soupspoon singapore

ham with cheese from the soup spoon

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Free Frosty from Wendy's @Singapore

Got a packet of red-packet (3 pieces in a packet) from my colleague. She knew that I would like to have Wendy's Frosty, especially its free. Yes Its free. Just show this red packet to the counter and you can have a 6oz Frosty free. Good until end of December 2013.
Yum Yum.. Thanks to my friend, Quah.

Free frosty from Wendy Singapore

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cute Huge Bunny Ballon in Singapore Art Museum

Saw this huge white bunny ballon outside the Singapore Art Museum. The bunny is so cute but with a sad face. Its really big in size. I cant hold myself but to snap a photo of it due ot its cuteness.
Singapore Art Museum always make the bras basah road in Singapore more wonderful.
Thank you!!

Singapore art museum

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

Again I visited Tampines just because of this laoban soya beancurd. The main stall is at Old Changi Road but they have a few branches around in Singapore.
Cost with only SGD1.50 per bowl for original flavour soya beancurd, I find it worth the value although this consider as expensive compare with other soya beancurd in the market.
I tasted the 51 soya beancurd in causeway point, woodlands, but I still find this laoban soya beancurd taste better as the structure is more silky.
Happy with this !! :D

lao ban soya beancurd

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Avocado shake and tomyam from Alexandra Village Food court. My all time favorite

Not my first time visiting the Alexandra village food court. But I have to repost this over and over again as I really cannot resist the nice cheap food in this food court even though I have to travel far for it. Seafood tomyam from the Thai store sgd4.50, the the famous thick non-diluted avocado shake with only sgd2. 
Every time after my bukit timah hill training, I will be heading down to this place and have the same food. It just taste so nice and makes me feel so good under the Singapore hot and humid weather. 
Give it a try, you will fall in love with the food.

Heng Heng Curry fish head (visit #2)

Revisit Heng Heng Curry fish head @Woodlands Causeway Point shopping centre again. Everytime when I think of sinfu lunch, Heng Heng always in my mind. :D
This round we ordered more dishes like sambal fish and black soya meat (卤肉).
Overall the dishes taste still within our expectation but I found that the curry fish head no longer as nice as I first time tasted.
Anyway, happy lunching :D

Heng Heng Curry Fish Head

Heng Heng Curry Fish Head

Heng Heng Curry Fish Head

Heng Heng Curry Fish Head

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tiong Bahru Bakery

I went to Raffles City, mainly to visit the Tiong Bahru Bakery. Ordered squid ink sandwich with smoked salmon (SGD 8.50) and a cup of cappuccino(SGD 5.50). 
The sandwich taste surprising nice from what I expected. The bun is soft and don't worry, there is no squid ink smell. But the coffee taste average. Maybe the cup is too big? As after tasted the papa pahelta coffee, I am still not able to find something that can replace it. The coffee that full of aroma and taste. 
Thumbs up for the sandwich and average for the coffee. I heard that the Swedish pastries are nice too. But I yet to have chance to try that. 
Good coffee, good life. Way the go!!!
Enjoy your coffee.

Tiong Bahru Bakery, Squid Ink Sandwich and cappuccino
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