Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Organic salad - Zenxin Organic Farm

Has been quite some time I did not visit the Cold Storage. The last visit which about a month ago, I am so happy to find that they are carrying local Organic products in the store. The ZenXin orgnic Food. I bought the cherry tomatoes (from Malaysia) at the price of SGD2.90 and a avocado with SGD1.90 per piece. Yes this is consider expensive compare with normal non-organic you can get from the market where the cherry tomatoes cost you less than SGD1.20 and the avocado is selling 3 for SGD1.90 for non-organic. But thinking of making salad, I will still prefer the organic food. Beside the tomatoes and avocado, I bought a pomelo orange. Here to share with all the salad.
I hope that the stores will bring in more and more organic food and the price of organic food will be more affordable one day. I believe everyone care about their health and wish able to take the organic food if the price is more affordable for everyone. This is not only able to create a more healthy nation but also will encourage the farmers go organic and be more environmental friendly. Thinking of all the pesticide the farmers are using and all those chemicals create pollutions to the nature make me feel sad. How long our earth can take all the stress?
Will I still can afford, I am trying my best to go organic. For my family and my health and for the mother earth.
Organic tomato from zenxin

Organic salad


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