Monday, July 22, 2013

The soya tofu rice from 4fingers at Ion orchard

Today I visited again the 4fingers outlet at Ion orchard. Ordered a takeaway tofu rice which cost me sgd5.95, consist of two soya tofu and some appetizer and rice. 
Is it value for money? For me, with almost sgd6 with 2 slices of tofu, this is a bit over cost despite of I like their rice with the sweet sauce. 
Enjoy your meal.
tofu rice set from 4Fingers

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Song Hua bak kut the @killiney road

Dropped by killiney road and found this shop, song Hua bak kut teh at killiney road which is about 2-3 mins walking distance from somerset mrt. (Just opposite the Singtel com center).
The shop, running by only 2 staffs (I only saw two). The place is spacial and clean. Having the menu to choose the type of ribs you want for your bak kut teh, I picked the cheapest 小排 (small ribs) with a bowl of white rice. The bak kut teh comes with warm soup. Yes warm but not hot which is quite disappointing as I prefer it to be hot. But after topping up for the soup, finally I got a hot soup. The pepper taste and aroma smell not as good as song fat at Clark quay. Still Song Fat taste better. 
They serve not only bak kut teh but also others like mee sua, pigs livers soup, kidney etc both in bak kut and the soy source soup base.
Small ribs = sgd7
White rice = sgd0.80
Wet tissue=sgd0.30

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thunder tea rice @Toa Payoh food court

AToday I travelled all the way to tao payoh to have my healthy and nice thunder tea rice for my lunch. 
It stated no pork and lard and its healthy. Well, yeah, more green vegetables and it definitely looks healthy. I bought set 2 with white rice (brown rice additional 0.50, and take away additional 0.30), by paying SGD5. In side my bowl have 3 types of vegetables, tao fu, little fish, peanut, some salted vege as well. 
I find it a bit salty. Maybe they have me too much of salty vege, that's why. Beside that, there is a bowl of green thunder soup. I have no idea what it makes from (green tea?) but it taste good when its hot.
Overall, still a thumbs up for this. Thunder tea rice at Toa payoh hdb hub food court (beside the McDonald, the food court is underground).
Happy lunching !!!
Thunder tea rice from toa payoh

Conversation with kids

G: I like to have breakfast with daddy, mummy and you
Me: so sweet... :)
G: Do you know why?
Me: why?
G: because you wear spectacles
Me: huh?!
G: you looks so funny with spectacles 
Me : (=.=!!)
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