Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ramen champion @ changi airport terminal 3

I went to changi airport to fetch my friend last night who was flying back from Doha. Because both of us feeling cold and tired (me due to long hour working and my fried was tired due to long hour flight). We decided to have something hot and that's why we went to ramen champion at the terminal3 basement. 
At first I was thinking to have ramen but after seeing the curry rice, it's definitely looks yummy and I decided to have the fried prawn curry rice which is sgd8.90. (The rice served with no chilli flakes on top of the prawn but if you like spicy food like me, you can have some).
The food is nice and this place is really worth to give it a try. But the place is full when its peak hour (luckily we were there earlier) and you have to queue to get a seat. You will be given the card and just swipe your card when you order the food. Do not lost the card as it you will need to pay sgd100 for a lost card. 
 Thumbs up for this place as the food is real nice.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Coffeebean @bras basah road

I have been visiting this place for a few times. Mainly want to find a place to sit down after a tired shopping walk over the weekend (walking from bugis to city hall etc).
On one fine weekend noon, I was too hungry and started to order food beside of the ice blended mocha. The tomato base spaghetti makes me rolled my eyes. Its my first time and will be my last time having spaghetti in coffeebean. I have no idea what I was eating. The tomato sauce is too diluted. The spaghetti is overcooked. Luckily the ice blended coffee save my life.
Well, my advice is dont waste your money there trying the spaghetti, the money you pay deserve better food. Good luck and enjoy makan !!

ice blended mocha from coffeebean bras basah roadSpaghetti from coffeebean at bras basah road

YoGood Cereal

Admit it, for me, i do feel guilty once a while when i have my favourite oily fried meehon or oily you tiao as my breakfast once a while. Tying to find some alternative. Trying to be more healthy. Especially now I am engage with the running (Get my running blog here).
I bumped into this, yogood cereal for breakfast. Cereal always has no faith with me seriously. As they are too hard and too tasteless for me. Too boring and lack of excitement to me for breakfast. But still, as I'd mentioned, I am trying to be healthy here. (Trying ....) So I tried this. Bought a few pack (small handy pack) and have a try. No harm to have a try right. Everyone deserve a chance. I tried the nuts and the blueberry&Cranberry. Honestly, this two make me drop jaw. As its real tasteful. (for me). I simply mixed up with the fresh meiji milk, the chewy and the nuts/berries really fresh up my days. Not sweet at all and that is what I like the most.
Give this a try. You can easily get this from nearby cold storage (as i got mine there). Not sure NTUC/sheng shiong carry this product or not.

YoGood Cereal, nuts

YoGood Cereal, nutsYoGood Cereal, nuts

YoGood Cereal, cranberries and blueberry

YoGood Cereal, cranberries and blueberry

Monday, August 5, 2013

Famous Black hokkien noodles Kim Lian Kee @KL

I went to Kuala Lumpur around end of June 2013. Going there for the KL marathon 2013, but since the run has been postpone. We decided to make the trip as Makan trip.
My friend wantet brought me to this place. Kim Lian Kee hokkien noodles. KL hokkien noodles is different from other places. If you ordered hokkien noodles in other places like Singapore, it will turn out to be the seafood noodles which is white color but the famous KL hokkien noddles, it's black with thick noodles.
What's so special about the noodles, it's chewy, it's delicious and you will know what we call Chinese noodles with embedded Kung fu.  Looking at the chef who keep on hitting the pan with the spatula, you have to admit, it's not easy.
For Chinese food, we talk about the stove and the fire, we called in fo hao in Cantonese or Hua hou in Chinese (火喉) where the fried noodles have to fried under big flame of fires but still remain not sticky. That's the part making the noodles chewy or we say its QQ.
Try this, you will love it. The Chinese Kung fu hokkien noodles. 
Thumbs up for the KL noodles. Must try.
Enjoy Makan!!! :)

Kim Lian Kee black hokkien noddles from Kuala LumpurKim Lian Kee black hokkien noddles from Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Department of Caffeine

I have been wanting to post this for a very very long time but yet to do so until today which is about 2 months later.
My friend brought me to this place, Department of Caffine in Tanjong Pagar area or to be more exact 15 Duxton Road Singapore. The cafe located in a old style shop house, where you would not able to spot it if you did not walk closer to the shop area.
Check out the food photo I'd snapped. I like the waffle with banana and their coffee. But for the lavendar cake, too strong aroma for me. Overall, I like this hang out place a lot.

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