Monday, August 5, 2013

Famous Black hokkien noodles Kim Lian Kee @KL

I went to Kuala Lumpur around end of June 2013. Going there for the KL marathon 2013, but since the run has been postpone. We decided to make the trip as Makan trip.
My friend wantet brought me to this place. Kim Lian Kee hokkien noodles. KL hokkien noodles is different from other places. If you ordered hokkien noodles in other places like Singapore, it will turn out to be the seafood noodles which is white color but the famous KL hokkien noddles, it's black with thick noodles.
What's so special about the noodles, it's chewy, it's delicious and you will know what we call Chinese noodles with embedded Kung fu.  Looking at the chef who keep on hitting the pan with the spatula, you have to admit, it's not easy.
For Chinese food, we talk about the stove and the fire, we called in fo hao in Cantonese or Hua hou in Chinese (火喉) where the fried noodles have to fried under big flame of fires but still remain not sticky. That's the part making the noodles chewy or we say its QQ.
Try this, you will love it. The Chinese Kung fu hokkien noodles. 
Thumbs up for the KL noodles. Must try.
Enjoy Makan!!! :)

Kim Lian Kee black hokkien noddles from Kuala LumpurKim Lian Kee black hokkien noddles from Kuala Lumpur


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