Monday, August 12, 2013

YoGood Cereal

Admit it, for me, i do feel guilty once a while when i have my favourite oily fried meehon or oily you tiao as my breakfast once a while. Tying to find some alternative. Trying to be more healthy. Especially now I am engage with the running (Get my running blog here).
I bumped into this, yogood cereal for breakfast. Cereal always has no faith with me seriously. As they are too hard and too tasteless for me. Too boring and lack of excitement to me for breakfast. But still, as I'd mentioned, I am trying to be healthy here. (Trying ....) So I tried this. Bought a few pack (small handy pack) and have a try. No harm to have a try right. Everyone deserve a chance. I tried the nuts and the blueberry&Cranberry. Honestly, this two make me drop jaw. As its real tasteful. (for me). I simply mixed up with the fresh meiji milk, the chewy and the nuts/berries really fresh up my days. Not sweet at all and that is what I like the most.
Give this a try. You can easily get this from nearby cold storage (as i got mine there). Not sure NTUC/sheng shiong carry this product or not.

YoGood Cereal, nuts

YoGood Cereal, nutsYoGood Cereal, nuts

YoGood Cereal, cranberries and blueberry

YoGood Cereal, cranberries and blueberry


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