Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clay pot at plaza 888

I went to 888 plaza for lunch. First time lunching at claypot delight. Not as what I had expected. Ordered the sesame oil chicken and the black pepper meat. Sgd4.50 each, white rice will be sgd0.50 each. 
The taste of the stock is quite nice. But the meat they are using is really out of my expectation. For the sesame oil chicken, it's all using the joins of the wings with only little meat.  What about the black pepper meat pot? I am feeling that I am eating flour more than meat. They dipped the meat with flour and deep fried it before cook it with the black pepper stock. I feel that it's not worth the money by paying agd4.50 for the stock (since I can't fill up my tummy with the meat). I mostly eating the white rice with the stock itself.
Worth to try? Not for me. 
Happy lunching !


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