Monday, October 14, 2013

Yong Tou Fu @Lucky Plaza

My colleague introduced me this place few months ago. But everytime I visited Lucky plaza, I will be ended up at the jollibee instead of visiting the yong tou fu which is just near by the Philippine fast food stall.
Today finally I got chance to try out the food here. Picked 6 items and added one more tou geh, I picked the meatball, mushroom, chilli yong tou fu, lady finger and etc. dried kuay teow as my choice of dish. The girl who took my ordered asked me to tak a seat. I was wondering can they remember as the place is really pack. Right there, you just squeeze yourself in the middle of the long table and wait for you food and that's what I did. Stil wondering can they remember my order? My food was delivered after 10mins wait and it's the right bowl delivered and that's surprise me. 
The 7 items yong tou fu cost me sgd4.80. Looking at the brown meatball. Although they said its they famous item in the stall apart from the mustroom, but those fried things always never catch my eyes. But since I already picked it, have to eat it no matter how. 
Took the first bite and the meatball is the second surprise for me. It's delicious and crunchy. What's next? The thick mushroom. Yummy!!!
Must try this stall. Thumbs up and for sure will visit the place more often. 


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