Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bed tray from Ikea

Went to ikea today and got my bed tray (a small table for eating in the bed). 
Bought the item mainly for dining in my room. Basically that's how life's be when you are renting a room. Basically, you eat, sleep and shit in the same room. Erm erm, well, my room does not come with a toilet hence I don't shit in my room. lol
The table cost me Sgd9.90. It's simple and easy to assembly and able to take up till 120 degree celcious. Meaning can put hit stuff but just to be safe, I think I rather don't try on hot items direct touching the table.
Some photos for sharing. Like ikea mainly due to DIY, it's like you are playing the Lego. Assembly and building something with a cheap sheet in hand.


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