Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Things can be as simple as 123

staying with someobe, sharing your life, your daily habits and letting someone into your life, is always sounds to be much mote complicated.
but sometime, things can be very simple and easy. from what i am experiencing, let me share some of the tiny things that i feel so touching.
taking shower is the one i would like to share here. for morning, she claimed that she is slow, hence each time alarm rang, she will be the one who woke up first and take shower, letting me to catch up extra 10mins sleep. after tiring work, she claimed that she is slow again and let me shower first so that i can rest earlier. its just some simple thought and tiny things in our daily living, but it is big enough to fill up my hearts and feel so thankful that i found someone like her.
thanks for picking me up.


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