Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Life Time first Nalgene Water bottles

Nalgene water bottles, all along this consider as a 'Atas' (high class) items for me. Although I always want one of this. Who will going to spend over SGD25-30 just to get a plastic water bottle. Thats what I always asking myself.
Today while I tried to get my watch fix (the suunto Quest strap spoilt again), I visited one of the outdoor shop around the corner (Sports Connections Pte Ltd), guess what I found? The 1 litre (32Oz) Nalgene bottles selling in discounted price. Usual SGD22 now in SGD17. While I am checking the colours and busy texting wanter, I observed the small sign on the cashier, then I asked the counter uncle. Ooh, passion card holder additional 10%. Meaning in order to pay SGD22 I just need to pay SGD15.30 !!! What else? If you have citibank card, you can earn 5% of citi dollars. So I decided to buy two. One the clear pink for myself and another is wantet favourite colour (she lost her 400ml same colour that she bought from Hong Kong last year during her backpack trip in Cambodia, some other backpacker stole it and shameless show the bottle in front of her as well).

Here is the bottle specs:

  • BPA-Free
  • High impact resistance
  • Resistant to staining
  • Won’t retain odors
  • Withstands sub-freezing to boiling temperatures
  • Dishwasher safe away from the heating element
  • 179 Grams, 3 1/2 Inches Diamater, 8 1/2 Inches tall
  • Max temperature: 100°C/212°F
  • Min temperature: -40°C/-40°F
  • (specs get from the website)

I am quite happy to get touch on the Nalgene bottles. Last year I got one from a race registration. In the booth they put on the sign register and get a 1litre nalgene water bottle. So I signed up, after I got home and snapped some photo to wanter she told me its not nalgene as no sign on the cap and the bottle printed make in china. I was so sad that time and feel that I had been cheated. How can such a big company in town putting up such a false ads. Just like when you want to brush your teeth and someone told you, I have colgate but but handed you some other brand. Maybe they thought that any wide mouth plastic bottles is call Nalgene without knowing Nalgene is a brand, not the name of the item.

Nalgene 32oz only SGD15.30 each

Nalgene 32oz only SGD15.30 eachOriginal Nalgene 32oz only SGD15.30 each - Made in USA

Original Nalgene will have the logo printed on the top of the cap and its made in USA
Below is the one I got from the race signup here in Singapore. The cap is plain with no sign and its Made in China. I hope the organiser will not put on the same false advertisement for this year in their sign up booth. I was thinking to get a Nalgene bottle even the race fee is high compare with previous year still worth the value. But its not that case.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Save a Life day @ republic poly Singapore

Just came back from an event 'save a life  day' at republic poly in Singapore. 
Nice to learn the CPR (refresh for me as I just attended the Standard First Aid course not long ago) and how to use AED. The instructors are very helpful and informative. Telling us what's in real scenario and what are the steps need to do and why we need to do that. DRSABC. 30 pumps 2 blows.. 
After all, this is not for nice goodies bags or the certificate. Sometime you won't know you need something until you really need it. In Chinese we say (书到用时方恨少)。 you will not know one day, the one you love collapse, you need the skills to do the CPR and save them.
Nice information given as well, in Singapore, one year 3000 get heart stroke and only 1/3 been given CPR, and most of cases happen at home. Meaning if family members know CPR or have first aid kits at home, you do not need to lost out loves one.
Here are some photos to shares on the event. Thanks to RP, Singapore Red Cross, National Resuscitation Council, Peoples Association and all the contribute organizations.

Friday, January 10, 2014

How much you can save in one year!!!

I always think that saving money is not so easy.
Everymonth, squeezing here and there but how much in exact you can really save?!
Until my friend share this to me. Interesting. you only need to save weekly.
One week once and see how much you can get in a year time ($1,378). This is so amazing.
So I decided to challenge myself and test myself how discipline I am.
Since now beginning of new year, its good to start with. 

*image from savingabuck

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sleeping at the airport - Senai Airport, Johor, Malaysia

I travelled to kota Kinabalu sometime back around August 2013. Due to the timing for the flight from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu is around 4pm and only reach KK around 7-8pm, I decided to bought a promotion ticket flying from senai airport to kota Kinabalu. 
Still deciding where should I stayed overnight a night before my flight, I dropped an email to the senai airport and asking about sleeping in the airport, thanks they replied my email real fast. Just for your information, senai airport is not a 24 hrs airport, hence when it's late in night they will close the airport.
I went to the airport after work on a day before, took the free shuttle bus (Sky Bus) from JB checkpoint(you will be able to spot the sign as photo below to show you the way to Bay24). Kind of scary due to I was taking the last few buses to the airport. I was alone, single female traveller with a big backpack. After reach the airport, I walked around, had my dinner at the KFC and bought myself some snacks as well. After that I just sit there and wait. Thanks to my friend who kept me company until around 12 plus am, they off the main hall lighting. That's the time I put on my jacket and lie down on my backpack on a bench and tried to catch some sleep. Don't worry, there are many many travelers also sleep there on the bench. Just, I am the only female there.
Overall, I find it quite comfortable sleeping on the bench. It's not stuffy and not cold as well. Just nice for me. The only thing was there were still people walking in and out, except the security guide, there were also people came in early for morning check in. I slept around 1 am and woke up around 5am. (Well, I slept like a dead pig during my way to KK, haha)
If you don't have a place to stay before your early flight, you may try this. But for female traveller, it always good to have someone accompany you.

Banner after Johor custom clearance to show you where to take the shuttle bus, if you take air Asia, you can get the shuttle bus ride free.
Banner after Johor custom clearance to show you where to take the shuttle bus, if you take air Asia, you can get the shuttle bus ride free.

Senai airport shuttle bus counter
Senai airport shuttle bus counter

This is one of the example bench I slept on. But this photo taken after I checked in.
This is one of the example bench I slept on. But this photo taken after I checked in.
If you have lots of stuff, you may want to put in the locker so that easier for you to move around.
Wow the locker is not cheap

sun rise at senai airport
Yeah, early morning flight and welcome by the nice sun rise.

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